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I have a busy weekend planned, but all good things.  It's supposed to be in the 80s both weekend days (yuck) though I know I can't complain bc it's been like that for many of you for a while.
Wishing everyone a good day and weekend!

Re: Fri-yay

  • I'm leaving early.  I finally have a hair appt.  My roots are screaming at me every time I look in the mirror. 

    Tonight, we're helping our friends set up for their reception tomorrow.  DH is doing their recommitment ceremony (they got married in January) and I helped him with his outline last night.  DH is a very good public speaker, so I think he will capture the moment in the best way.  

    Tomorrow, DH and DefConn are going to test drive a dirt bike that someone DH knows has.  It's bigger than the one he had and has a clutch, so there's a learning curve.  When they get back, we'll get ready for our friend's renewal and head over there for the evening. 

    Sunday, DH and FIL are going to help DH's uncle with a new water heater.  DefConn wants to tag along to play with the dogs.  I will be blissfully alone in the house.  I have stuff to do, but I get so much shit done when I'm solo (and tell myself to set aside the time to do it).   I'll also have to menu plan and go shopping. 

    The weather is going to be all over, hot today, hot and stormy tomorrow, and then it's going to be cloudy and in the 60's Sunday.  I am hoping we can get our boat out next weekend.  We'll probably hold off on getting on the water until Monday to avoid the major crowds.  

  • Happy Fri-Yay!  We had storms yesterday and golf ball sized hail just south of us.  We had gravel sized in our neighborhood.  Almost 2" of rain!  Still some thunder and rain this morning. No plans for tonight so will just chill at home and have leftover bacon-wrapped pork loin for supper.  The cable box goes back today so we've officially cut the cord.

    Tomorrow we are visiting a couple of DH's sisters and will have lunch with them.  Will stop on the way home at the cemetery where his parents are buried.  It's supposed to be cold (highs in the 50s) so it'll be a quick stop.

    Sunday we have church and then out for brunch.  Then laundry and need to get the hose and hose reel set up outside.  

    We are leaving next Friday to visit friends in IL and WI over Memorial Day weekend.  Yay to two short weeks!

    I applied for a promotion in my work unit so we'll see how that goes.  I believe I'm the only one from the unit applying but the posting is open to outside candidates as well.
  • We're going to N's daughter's lacrosse game after work. No plans after that. 

    We're getting wood chips delivered today so we can spread them in the garden tomorrow. And of course the high is 94 degrees (we're under a heat advisory for the whole weekend). Hopefully we'll get the bulk of it done early. I'm planning on spending the rest of the weekend in the AC. 
  • Long weekend and right now only nice day is Monday ... even then not super warm.

    Saturday BK has gymnastics. We were gonna see my friend A but with storms coming, idk.
    I have to do grocery pick up.

    Sunday BK has her first real hair cut! Her hair is getting so long. We're just getting it cut to her shoulders - that way we can still do something with it but it's not unmanageable.
    I think we'll pick up a treat like ice cream afterwards.
    My aunt is coming over Sunday afternoon with a little gift for BK cuz her bday is next week.

    Monday is a holiday for us. Right now we have plans with one of BK's preschool friends. Originally suppose to do splash pad but idk if weather will be warm enough for that. There's always a park.
  • Fx on that promotion @MNNEBride
    Get in those doggie snuggles @VarunaTT
    I heard about that NE heatwave. Good luck to ya’ll enduring that.  I hate extreme heat temps.  I also hate extreme cold ones.  Perfection.  I demand perfect weather year round. 70’s.

    I have a very low key weekend.  Tonight I have to cook my homechef meal because it’s on the last day to do it, and tomorrow I have a thermalift facial at 1.  That. Is. It.  Oh, Sunday is brunch & bingo, so fun.  I should also see if I can get around to watching “firestarter” sometime in there too. 

  • It's hot here, too. It's been 90s the last couple of days, but should cool off with storms Sunday or Monday. I'm debating whether to bite the bullet and turn on the AC or try to hold off for a bit with cooler days coming. 

    It's looking like a low key weekend for us. Dinner tonight at my parents', then chores and yard work tomorrow. Sunday I'll probably do my long run at the flat park, then dinner out for our anniversary. @charlotte989875, Cheers, Anniversary twin! 

    I finally went back into the office yesterday, and it was just as pointless as I thought it would be. I went to two meetings in person and did nothing that we couldn't have done virtually. Otherwise, I was on the phone or being unproductive because tech. It looks like this is going to be about monthly, so whatever. It's been an ugly week and I'm ready for the weekend already.
  • Sounds like lots of fun plans this weekend for so many of you!  Enjoy it.

    I was such an AH this morning.  I briefly yelled at my H over not much.  It's rare that I ever yell at anyone over anything.  But I'd woken up with a splitting headache.  I was trying to get ready for work.  It was about a minor conversation I need to have with a tenant and he was giving me advice on what to say that I partially didn't agree with.  So I raised my voice that I just wanted to drop it, I don't have time for it.

    I immediately apologized.  I told him I wasn't mad, I was just frustrated about the situation and everything else going on anyway.  Had woken up with a bad headache and was running late for work, so I just couldn't deal with having a whole conversation about it.

    We seem fine now, but I'm sure I hurt his feelings and I know I wasn't being fair, so I still feel some guilty.

    My only plans this weekend are to pray we lock down a good tenant with the showings we are having today and tomorrow, lol.  No fun plans, but no massive chores either, other than my Costco gig.  I'm finishing that when I get off work today.  I also need to stop at the bank.

    Whole Foods tomorrow, to pick up the supplement @VarunaTT mentioned the other day plus a few more things that only they carry.  The only local WF that carries it is deep in the suburbs, so I'll probably add on a few more things to do while I'm out there.  It's the Land of National Chains/Big Box stores, that we don't have in NOLA, lmao.

    Me thinking to myself:  "There's a Chipolte!  And a Buffalo Wild Wings!  Which to choose, which to choose.  Oh yeah!  And a Big Lots!  I think I have a good 20% off coupon."

    All the time I see commercials and promos...I want to try that or wow, that's a really good deal.  Oh.  But drive 40-60 minutes r/t to the suburbs and nearest location.  Eh, maybe if I'm out there for something else.
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    banana468 said:
    Funny story: If you want to know how conditional a child's love is, Chiquito lost screen time after not listening to DH and me yesterday.  He was still in a good zone mood-wise and helped me with laundry.  When we got upstairs he was in my bedroom and picked up a button that said, "World's Best Mom" that I saved from a Mother's Day card a year or two ago.  He turned to me and said

    "Mom?  You see this that says, 'World's Best Mom'?  It's a lie." 
    Awwwww….that’ll tug on your heart strings.  I remember one day, I was mad at my mom so I wrote “I hate mom” on a bunch of “posters” (read: paper) and put them on my walls.  She never saw them. My older sister did first and read them and said “I hat mom? There’s an e at the end of hate”.
    fine! I took them down. 

    @short+sassy, I’m sure you’ll be fine later on today after both of you have cooler off!

  • Well, I finally have all of the information on my dad so I can tell you guys in one post.

    It's follicular lymphoma.  It's through all of his lymph nodes and in his bone marrow.  The doctor is particularly concerned with the size of the tumor on his pancreas.  He will be getting monoclonal antibody infusions every week for 4 weeks (as tolerated), then move to every two months, for 4 rounds.  He also is getting a Holter Monitor next week to figure out why he's still having erratic heartbeats and they're still thinking pace maker.  Finally, his finger is all stitched together, but the surgeon won't operate on it b/c of age and frailty, so it's just a "try and keep it clean so the wound heals".  On a 90 year old diabetic.

    It's a lot.  I'm not sure how I feel about anything re: my dad; I am super worried about my mother.  This is a lot for her to handle and she is stubborn AF about accepting help. I don't want to push her too hard so that I'm a thorn in her side, but I also have to push her some to accept some damn help, b/c I don't want her getting sick from pushing to take care of him.

    So, right now, super glad to have a dog at home for snuggles.
  • Wow @VarunaTT, it’s a lot for mom for sure, but also for your dad! And you and the rest of the family.  So sorry

  • @VarunaTT so many hugs for you regarding your dad.  Please please don't forget to take care of yourself in this.
  • Oh @VarunaTT I’m so sorry. All the support & love as you all navigate this. 
  • All of the hugs and support sent your way @VarunaTT

  • Hugs @VarunaTT take advantage of those doggie snuggles.

    I had appointments today so got absolutely nothing done around the house. As @mrsconn23 said hot today, storms tomorrow and cool on Sunday. Hopefully the storms hold off tomorrow so I can get some things in the ground that we dug up the other day.

    H and I have been rewatching The Americans and will finish that tonight. I have been craving sweets which we don't have in the house! I'm grumpy about it.

    Have any of y'all watched Our Father on Netflix? It is about a fertility doctor here in the Indy area who used his own sperm to fertilize patients. It is CRAZY! There are 94 "children" so far that he fathered that way. One of them use to work out at my Y and I was on chatty terms with her. I haven't seen her since the documentary came out but OMG! She is in it. So terrible!

    We will probably be watching Outlander once The Americans is done.
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