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Classic: Let it goooo... and just keep it cordial with her.

I’ve recently moved into a row house in an urban setting. Recently, my next-door neighbor sent an email about HOA business to everyone in our row of houses, and I discovered that she has me in her contact list under the alias “LOUD neighbor.” I’ve thought long and hard about whether it’s possible that I’m too loud. I do have two grade school–aged sons, but they are in bed by 8 p.m. We don’t play music. We don’t have a dog. We don’t bounce balls against the shared wall. We don’t have parties. We do not have loud domestic arguments. … Should I confront her? Should I buy my sons a drum set?

Re: Classic: Let it goooo... and just keep it cordial with her.

  • Rude of her, but let it go.
  • Let it go.  Sometimes people just think others are loud.  

    Also consider the tone/volume of your voices.  We aren't a quiet family but we aren't loud.  We have kids and on occasion (on days ending in y) my mom voice comes out.  
  • Hahahahahahahah
  • Feeling like “LOUD neighbor” was the second level nickname to what LW is actually named in their mind. 

  • I gave my # to my neighbors next to me.  Now I’m wondering how I’m stored into their phones? Hermit. Definitely “Hermit”.

  • The answer is definitely to buy them a drum set. 
  • Let it go.  I'm pretty sure my neighbors next door think I'm a b!tch b/c I yell at them to STFU all the time through the shared wall b/c they're loud AF when it's any season of any sports ball.  The neighbors above me have sex on a squeaky bed and I've yelled, Hurry up, and Oh come the fuck on before (both instances I only care when it's a weekday and going past 10).  I'm actually think about buying some of those things that sit between the wall and bedframe that keep it from squeaking and leaving it at the door. 

    They can think I'm a b!tch and I can think they're inconsiderate jerks and this is life in an apartment setting, deal, LW.
  • I understand why it's bothering the LW.  But, at the same time, the neighbor has never said anything to them.  So either the noise isn't that bad or the neighbor understands it's normal noises of a household, even if they don't like it.

    That is my litmus test if someone is being too loud.  Normal volume voices and/or tv.  A baby or young child crying.  Those are noises that might bother me, but they aren't egregious and they aren't something the other person can really control.  I deal with it and I don't complain.

    Playing very loud music and the bass is making my walls vibrate?  If it's only once in awhile and not too late at night, I also don't complain.  If it's too much, I knock on the door and politely ask they turn it down.  If that doesn't work, then I call the non-emergency number for the police.
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