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So, they've convinced the last paralegal, D, to stay.  I was then pulled into a meeting, which made no sense to me and I was 1000000% irritated about it and made it clear I was.  I asked D WTF that meeting was all about and she said, "They think you're the next one to give notice.  They can't afford to lose me, you, or L at this point and they're officially running scared".  Okay, I guess?  At least it's still getting me what I want in the long run.

No big plans for this weekend.  Meeting with my friend to start designing his pageant package, then going to see my dear friend T and his husband S.  I suspect I might just cry when I see T.  He's just one of my dearest friends and we've been through so much together and right now the world feels so overwhelming and we just vibe so peacefully together.  Then the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday.  L is not coming over.  I said, "Usually I would invite you and I even found what I'd want to cook, but that's two weekends in a row together and I just can't people with you that much."  He laughed and said he understood and then looked up the French Grand Prix to use the food I found.

My coworker, (D from above), brought me this mini card (think like a gift tag size) that has a picture of a donkey on it and inside says, "Here's a tiny ass card" and she added, To help cope with the big asses!  I belly laughed, which was nice.  However, apparently she had told L to get me out of my office and he failed at that.  I said, "L fails at doing anything to me....oh god."  She almost fell down from laughing so hard b/c she knows the whole thing.

Re: Friday

  • @VarunaTT, what a fun card!  D sounds like a great coworker and I'm glad for you that she decided to stay on.  Unlike some of your other coworkers (past and present) who I know were very toxic.

    My fabulous neighbor let us borrow her car again today.  Though she does have dialysis on Friday, so my H is dropping her off and picking her back up.  

    He dropped me off and is picking me back up at 11am (Fridays are my half day).  Then we are going back to Costco to finish our weekly scanning.  But we don't have much left and will probably only be there for about 90 minutes.

    My H thinks the problem with my truck isn't the battery, but a bad fuse.  Which would be extra great, because he could fix that and we don't even have to deal with the time of having it towed/repaired somewhere, plus the cost.  But if it's not that, then we will be spending the rest of our afternoon dealing with that.  One or both cars, lol.  And HOPING we can get at least one of them back by Saturday.

    My MINI is just a flat tire that needs to be replaced and there is a Firestone near us that (I think) is also open on Saturday.  So I'm crossing my fingers on at least that.

    The rest of the weekend will mostly be relaxing and vegging.  Which I desperately need, lol.  I think I'm also going to spend some time looking up excursions for my upcoming cruise and daydreaming/booking them.  
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  • Oh yeah!  I forgot for most of you all and the rest of the country, that this is a 3-day weekend.

    But not me.  Monday is a normal work day because my company "trades" Memorial Day for Mardi Gras.  Every year, I'm thinking, "Jerks.  MG was months ago."  ((grumble, grumble)) 

    I've worked for other companies that trade President's Day, which never feels bad because MG and PD are within one month of each other.  But this company doesn't have PD as a holiday, so it feels harsh when we miss a holiday that's 3-4 months later.

    At least there won't be any rush hour traffic.  Grasping at tiny silver linings, lol.
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  • So excited for the weekend! I’ve had a couple really busy ones in a row and I am tired. Got grocery delivery coming today of hot dogs and potato salad and ice cream and all the berries to kick off summer. Hopefully doing patio drinking, hitting the pool, and brunch on Monday, but mostly just relaxing. I’ve been drinking a lot less lately so I treated myself to a very nice bottle of rosé since I know it will last all weekend. And going to paint my nails during this afternoon’s zoom. 
  • i think that’s a positive note for job security @VarunaTT .  Woot woot.
    @Casadena, enjoy the lunch.  Big changes on the way! 
    @short+sassy, yeah it would be weird working for a company that didn’t give me May long weekend. But you’re probably used to it.

    my plan was to head to my parents this weekend, work from their house Tue-Thurs, take Friday off and then come back the following Sunday.  My aunt, uncle and grandpa came back with them from Canada.  A good daughter should have no problems spending 10 days with them but as the weekend drew closer, I started to think omg can I do 10 days with them? That’s a lot of people and big personalities to boot. And they live near a lake community out in the middle of nowhere, so it’s not like hopping into my car for a quick getaway is convenient. I’ll miss my gym! My house! My own schedule.  Most importantly, my kitchen! I don’t like my mom’s cooking and I hate using other’s kitchens. I’m so independent that I like eating what I want, when I want and how I want.  I don’t think I could do 10 days on their schedule.  So yesterday I told them my new plan. I’m going to them Thursday through Sunday of next week now.  I think 4 days is a good compromise.  

    My aunt texted me this morning “can you please try to come here this weekend?”.  I made work an excuse but we’re not that busy that I need to come into the office.  And I checked meetup.  Nothing going on locally. A wine tour day but it’s 2 hrs away and I don’t like wine & beer. It’s mostly 4 hrs of driving I don’t want to do.  So I signed up for a brunch on Sunday but that’s it.  Gotta fill the rest of my time up on my own I guess.

  • Ready for the weekend. We’re done early today and I’ve got no more meetings so I’m wrapping up some coding while watching Ted Lasso again. 

    I’m running a half marathon Sunday. It was supposed to be the full but I just couldn’t make the training work this cycle. Hoping to PR but really just excited to race in Buffalo again. I need the endorphins from a good race!
  • Oh no @mrsconn23, hopefully he has an easy weekend. Poor kiddo
    @charlotte989875 that’s adorbs

  • Also- we heard from baby M’s teacher that every day at circle time he runs and gets a chair for her. The sweetest kid. 
    That's so sweet!  

  • My mother got power today!!

    BK has a nasty cold - likely chest cold because she's coughing and fairly phlegmy. I called pharmacy because of her age idk what our options are.
    They agreed what we're doing is accurate and there's a product that could help move the phlegm called Helixia. I'm going to pick it up after work.

    And BK is going to be 4 tomorrow!!

    We're picking up fancy donuts tomorrow and my mum is giving part of her gift - a paw patrol dress.

    My baby *sob*
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