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Memorial Day Monday (for some)

Heeelllooo???  Is anybody else here, lol?

Stuck at work.  But it's a holiday for our client, so it should at least be a chill day.

My H totally rocks!  He didn't think my truck issue was the battery, because the radio and stuff like that was fine.  He found a bad connection somewhere and was able to fix it himself.  But that was the kick in the butt we needed to also deal with my MINI.  The tire was totally flat, but they are also run-flat tires.  So he was able to fill it with air and limp it to the closest Firestone.  He did that this morning.

Other than that, it was a relaxing weekend.  I've almost finished my online registration for my cruise.  Apparently they do a staggered boarding over a 6-hour period of time, which is nice.  The cruises I've been on before have loaded everyone all at once and it took a couple hours.  I strategically signed up my boarding for 12:30-1:00 and verified there will be food, once I'm on board.  Save myself from buying lunch!  Plus, my hotel check-out is 12:00, so I figure I can check out and go straight to the pier.

I'm totally overwhelmed by the excursion choices.  But I need to figure that out, before things get booked up.  I realize I need to do more research on exactly what I want to see at some of the ports.  They are also all a lot more expensive than I was expecting!  Yeesh.  Even the cheapest ones are $150/person.  One of my "perks" with Norwegian is they give me a $50 credit for each excursion I take.  But I was expecting that to cover the majority of each excursion.  Apparently not.

I didn't realize how close Cannes was to Monte Carlo.  Now I want to go to the famous casino and also spend some time on the beach.  Those are my only goals for that port, lol.  
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Re: Memorial Day Monday (for some)

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    BK's bday weekend :)
    We tried to do fun stuff but she's getting over a cold. We may have pushed too hard though :\ 
    Saturday my mum came over for donuts and visits and gifts.

    There's been a lot of back and forth about my mum's bf and right now he's not welcome in our house.
    Honestly .... I hope they split. He's been nothing but headache in last like 6m

    BK didn't nap Saturday - we tried because she's still recouping - but that's fine.
    Since she's getting Gabby Dollhouse from my granny, we purchased some deluxe rooms and they came on her bday.

    Sunday we tried to do splashpad but idk if she was just tired, hangry or not into it but she didn't want to stay.
    She ate and cheered up. She did nap also & later I think the phlegm in her system started to move - poor kid.

    We got her some meds that can help get the phlegm up, and although she didn't cough nearly as much as she has been, she still is a bit.
  • @MissKittyDanger, sorry to hear BK was sick for her birthday!  I hope she continues to feel better.
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  • @MissKittyDanger, sorry to hear BK was sick for her birthday!  I hope she continues to feel better.
    Slow roll. Mornings are rougher still but once she starts moving, she seems better.
    If it'd been her bday party, I would have canceled :\ 
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