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How early is too early to send wedding gift?

Is 4-and-a-half months too far in advance to send a wedding gift?  I've heard you should ideally send it when the couple sends out their invitations.  But I've also noticed that often registries are picked over at that point.   I don't love giving cash or a gift card.   I like to give a physical gift, perhaps because after 34 yrs of marriage I still pull things out of my kitchen cabinet and say, "This was a wedding gift from so-n-so,"   so I try to give something they will use for a long time but definitely from their registry.  This couple has a number of $500 items on registry (out of my range), and then a lot of inexpensive kitchen gadgets.  There are only a couple of items in the price range I was looking to spend, so I would like to go ahead and snag one.  I wish registries gave the option to pay now and request a later shipping date. you think it would be tacky or confusing to send it this early. Thank you!   

Re: How early is too early to send wedding gift?

  • I usually send a gift  when I get the invitation. However, DD received some gifts when the STDs were sent. I don't see a problem with 4 1/2 months because I understand what you mean about the registry being picked over. I ,too, like to send a physical gift so am annoyed when there isn't much left on the registry. 
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