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I've been in a hectic stretch.  Off Monday in observance of Juneteenth.  Trying to figure out when to slip in a visit to my dad since stbxh states he wants the kids this weekend for Father's Day.  Wishing everyone a healthy weekend with joyful moments!  @short+sassy if you lurk while on your cruise- hope you're having an incredible time!

Re: Fri-yay

  • Happy long weekend to those with the Monday holiday! 

    Getting together with my Mom and siblings on Sunday for Father's Day.  I think we're just hanging out at home tomorrow.  Will probably do some outside cleanup around the feeders and flowers.  
  • Mom just wants me to call dad for Father's Day.  There is some risk being around him with the medicine he's taking, so we're just being careful.  Also a race on Sunday.  Otherwise, I don't have plans for much.  I get my allergy shot today and my brows threaded, thank goodness.  I've definitely got some hairy caterpillars happening over my eyeballs right now.
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    Sorry you can’t be with your Dad on Sunday @VarunaTT.  Everyone else, I hope you enjoy your father’s day! I gave my Dad his gift before he left. And my mom her mother’s day one. I’m taking them to a really neat historic b&b just 2.5 hours away from here in September (when the weather is more tolerable). They seemed to really like it. 

    SSDD.  I came into the office on a wfh day just because it’s easier, and we’ve been offline (servers) for over an hour now.  So online shopping it is!

  • Happy Friday! Hoping for some chill this weekend, but it's going to be hotAF. We're getting dinner with my sister tonight. I'm going to tell her about the hysterectomy and ask her to help me tell my parents in a way that won't freak them out. Otherwise, chores and hanging out. We're taking my dad to a game on Sunday for Father's Day, but I kind of think he'd prefer that everyone else went and let him stay home. 
  • Happy Friday! Hoping for some chill this weekend, but it's going to be hotAF. We're getting dinner with my sister tonight. I'm going to tell her about the hysterectomy and ask her to help me tell my parents in a way that won't freak them out. Otherwise, chores and hanging out. We're taking my dad to a game on Sunday for Father's Day, but I kind of think he'd prefer that everyone else went and let him stay home. 
    My sister had one, and she felt so so much better after doing it! I hope it goes okay with your family! 
  • So the drama with BIL has actually peaked.

    BIL has decided he and M have nothing in common and basically cut M out of his life.
    M found this out cuz SFIL told him - BIL told SFIL - and M basically told MIL and SFIL they should cut BIL off because this is trash/toxic behavior.

    MIL is worried if BIL has a kid and she cuts him off, she'd never see the kid. M basically explained that MIL is walking on eggshells and she's one mistake away from BIL making an excuse to cut her off too.

    SFIL mentioned about BK and apparently BIL doesn't care.
    This entire situation makes me so angry.

    Last night BK woke up upset and after I put her back in bed, I lay with her awhile just in tears because I'm just so sad about this.

    This entire situation is such b.s and BIL is a fkn ass.
  • Whew, made it to Friday, but not through Friday quite yet. I’m trying to decide when to take a rest day. I feel like tomorrow should be it but I feel guilty about eating and drinking badly. Tonight I think I’ll hit the gym and just do some weights, and then go to the grocery store and pick up supplies for enchiladas. SIL B is hosting a themed party tomorrow but I know for a fact that there won’t be enough food so I’m saying fuck it and I’m bringing some real food so we don’t starve. I’m also not looking forward to seeing her BF after the shenanigans he pulled this week with planning her bday (I can’t be mad at her for that because she doesn’t even know about it). But Jesus I am tired of plans and how everything with H’s family is becoming a clusterfuck because of SIL B and her feelings. There are five siblings. Not every event needs to be an all or nothing with the parents. 

    Sunday we are making the trek to see my grandparents and dad. Excited to see everyone, but feeling overstretched with the constant socialization and travel 1-2 hours one way every weekend. 

  • The end of my work day involved not making dinner but calling DH at happy hour and telling him that I think he needed to come home so I could take Chiquita to the ER for stitches.  Her little brother found DH's Leatherman and cut her with the knife.  

    5 stiches later she's now bandaged and taking it easy.  And there have been A LOT of discussions w/ the little brother who was punished last night and made a card for his sister while we were getting stitched.  The good news is that I love our local hospital and that it has a pediatric ER so we were basically assessed as we walked in. 
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    Fuuuuuuck @banana468, what a night. Where was the cut? Poor Chicquita! 
    @MissKittyDanger, I hope things smooth over for the fam. Doesn’t look like it will soon, but for MIL sake I hope it does. Same to you @levioosa, with your family 

    i wanted a day off for Juneteeth and it looks like I got it! We’re not going to be up and running today. Someone has to fly in from corp to work on our servers.  Woohoo!

  • @CharmedPam apparently MIL is not taking this so well but they've expressed to BIL that if he's acting like that, M will be invited to things and they will abstain from inviting BIL
    He was apparently fine with it.
    Tbh I have no idea how SIL is doing with this. BIL is basically cutting her off from BK also.
  • Ugh banana, I’m so sorry. What a rough end to your week. 

  • Oh @banana468, so glad Chiquita is OK.  What a night!
  • @CharmedPam it's the thumb of her non-dominant hand.  She also has a brace so she can keep it immobilized and not rip the stitches open.  
  • Fuuuuck @banana468 that sucks I’m sorry. 
  • The heat finally broke and it’s very pleasant now. 

    Had a double- header of softball last night and it was so fun! We won both games and had a ton of fun it was exactly what I needed! Work is wild so it was a nice break. 
  • @banana468, omg! I'm glad it wasn't any worse! How scary though. Good luck with the family @MyNameIsNot and the surgery. 

    We are at DD's for the weekend. Tomorrow is the twins' birthday party. We gave them their presents today- we got them pedal bikes. One of them took off on it after some practice pedaling. The other is still pretty hesitant. I know he will get use to it eventually. They picked out the bikes when they were Indy a month ago. They remembered it but I don't know that they realized we were bringing them up here. They also got the baskets and bells they requested.

    The one year old is having a hard time. He is getting in two molars and two canines at the same time. He is usually such a happy little guy, but right now all he wants is mamma to hold him. DD is not amused especially since she has a birthday party to prepare.
  • That sounds dreaadful, @short+sassy, get some sleep on that flight! You’re very very smart to book so many days ahead of the cruise.
    have the best time!

  • So sorry your travel is being awful @short+sassy! I understand completely as we were a day late getting home - but at least we didn't miss things we had planned. So sorry you aren't getting to spend the time in Barcelona. I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly.
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    Omg @banana468 and @short+sassy! That’s so much!

     I’m glad Chiquita is ok and it won’t put a hitch in plans so far. I’m sure Chiquito feels just awful and I hope he’s learned a huge lesson. Kids, man. They’re always up for fuckery at the drop of a hat. If she wants to go swimming or whatnot you can always buy a giant rubber glove or use a gallon ziplock bag and duct tape it around her wrist to keep water out. 

    I hope you’re on your way to Barcelona soon and this is the only snafu. 

    I had a great shopping day. I think I have interview outfit options. I also found some amazing bowls and glasses at Anthropologie (which I call the ‘white girl store’, lol). Boating tomorrow and hosting Father’s Day on Sunday. Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy your long weekend if you get one! 
  • Omg S+S! Charlotte is the worst for delays. Out of the last 6 people I have known that have flown through there, myself included, 100% of them had delays of at least an hour. No one had consequences as bad as you though. I am so sorry. 

    @MissKittyDanger I must not be caught up. BIL just doesn't want to be part of the family anymore?? And he won't let his wife talk to you either? I would be Bye Felipe- ing so fast. (Says the person who spends way too much mental energy on their own estranged family member)

    SSDD here. DH got 2 of his friends jobs on his team a while back. Now one of them is repatriating back home and the other got an offer he can't refuse from his old employer... So DH would be they ONLY guy on the team. And it can take 6 months for someone to get clearance and a visa as a new hire so... Basically, he's fucked. He can't be mad at his buddies b/c it is basically bad timing but it suuuuuucccks for him. And DH was already talking to a different company basically waiting for their offer to see if they would match the ridiculous amount he threw out there when they contacted him. I am just trying to stay out of it. He gave his boss a head's up because of the lead time but his boss was basically like, "well, once we get the resignations... Blah blah blah." ::Eyeroll::
  • @missJeanLouise Long story but back around late feb/early march M told BIL he was being rude and condescending, since then it's been weird.
    BIL called MIL manipulative for trying to have BIL talk to M about it - then stopped talking to her also. SFIL kept in contact.
    Now, M asked if it would be safe to msg BIL about their dad's side having a bbq and if he wanted to go.
    SFIL said BIL's basically not into talking to M or that side anymore.
    M is so pissed and SFIL is starting to see what M is saying {that MIL is going to walk on eggshells to avoid BIL dropping her}
    Before all this, I did msg SIL thanking her for the books they got BK for her bday. In future I'll be telling them not to bother. They don't want to be in BK's life either.
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