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...rolls around again.

Decent enough weekend.  I had an....interesting Friday night.  I had gone with friends to watch the RuPaul Allstars adn then home.  I had about 2 drinks under my belt and L had texted me.  I responded and then said, "You know, if you ever need to revist your boundary, you're still welcome to".  He replied, "It's not so strong at times, but still holding".  I laughed AND THEN I GOT A TEXT FROM K.  Lordt almighty.  I didn't respond.  No thank you, it was so obviously a narcissist apology non-apology baiting text (I'm sorry we were bad together, I hope you're well) to try and get me back into their supply.  I didn't respond at all, not even anything petty (though I did think about New phone, who 'dis?).  I really proud that I didn't respond at all, b/c I honestly didn't want to, didn't have a lot of emotions about it, and was more shocked then anything.

Didn't do much except regular household stuff and watch the race stuff.  Fairly decent race and my boys/team placed 3rd and 4th.  I was really happy to see Hamilton back up on the podium.  Nothing much else to report.

Re: Monday

  • Hi All!
    We had a good weekend. It is proper hot now so not a lot to do during the day except indoor stuff. Saturday I got some studying done. Sunday I woke up a early to do a little more and got donuts, including a special #1 Dad one. DH had a dive to finish his advanced deep water diving certificate. DS and I made cards and wrapped presents while DH was gone. DS is so cute. I asked him why he loves daddy and he said "because he is funny. And naughty". Lol. 

    Today I had a professional organizer come over to do a free consultation. I am just so overwhelmed by all the shit in our house sometimes but I am starting to recognize some patterns with how that ties into my depression. Basically, I can feel myself slipping and try to organize my way out of it.

    Anywho, gym and coffee with my trainer and gym buddy afterwards tomorrow. They are both traveling for at least some time in the near future so this will be our last session all together for a while. 

    Oh! My sister and I teamed up and got our dad a stationary bike for father's day. I got the alert that it was delivered. All 175lbs of it. Except that it wasn't. It was a 175lb inversion table. So now we have to do that exchange. ::Thumbs down::
  • Weekend was overall good. Saturday was a little stressful. I had back to back appointments that were 45 min late and then my whole schedule was thrown off and I was late to SIL’s event by, you guessed it, 45 min. The event was kind of awkward. It felt very forced. She wouldn’t keep the lights on so we were just sitting in the dim and dark trying to stay awake. Her bf brought his kids over. One of his children is trans. It was breaking my heart and pissing me off because they kept using his dead name and he kept trying to correct them. Then SIL B felt a certain type of way because there was a point where SIL A and I went outside because she refused to turn on lights or the air and it was hot, and the kids excitedly came outside to talk to us and hang out with us instead of her. We had a lot to talk about on the way home. But SIL B did show some effort with decorating and having more food than usual. 

    On Sunday H and I went to my grandparents. My parents, aunt and uncle, and one cousin came over too and we went to a concert in the park. It was almost too warm but overall a beautiful day. I’m a little worried about my grandfather but I tried to focus on just being together. I wish it wasn’t so hard to get there because I would love to go over much more often. My goal for the year was to visit once a month and I’ve been holding to it but at the same time it takes a lot to visit with the distance. 

    Back at work today and wishing we had the day off. 

    Crazy about K @VarunaTT. You know not responding back, even if it was something petty, drove them way more nuts than if you had responded with anything at all. 

    Continuing to send good job vibes! @mrsconn23

    I hope the rest of your travels went smoothly and you are relaxing on deck with a Limoncello! @short+sassy

  • Weekend was good. Friday we went to see Bill Burr with some friends. We had box seats that had waitress service so that was fun. Saturday was so cold and windy it felt like a fall day. I didn't do much, honestly. We had takeout for dinner that I grabbed and then had cake for N's birthday. Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands, caught up on laundry and did some deep cleaning on the house. All in all was a good weekend. 
  • @VarunaTT when you wrote “K” my mind raced to maybe another K in your life that I forgot about? But then you went on about them and yup. It was the K. How did you not respond because I’d have to many quips I’d have to get out! You’re strong.
    @banana468, so glad you got to keep your neice in your memory!
    @missJeanLouise how do they get an inversion table and bike mixed up? Sounds like a painful return nonetheless.
    woohoo @mrsconn23.  I bet the waiting feels like years by now?
    @levioosa, hells to the no.  I can do without light. Heck, I already do - but give me AIR.  You’re a good person for sticking it out.

    Friday was an impromptu half day off, didn’t do much but text my friend going through his 1,330 breakup with his ex(?) fiance.  Saturday I got ALL my shit done before 11, and went to “Steel Magnolias” with the meet up group.  @ILoveBeachMusic, this may have been the same production you went to in Indiana? 5 woman cast, all done in the salon? I loved it.  I cried.  I knew I would. Someone behind our row was hacking and coughing the entire time and someone in my group wanted to tell the box office about it and passively aggressively switch seats. It sounded like a smokers cough someone said though. Still, if you suddenly start coughing at a place like this. Leave.  If you’re sick. Don’t come!

    Sunday was good. I got my hair done. She told me what the price would be if two packs of extensions were put in & taken out… and I did the math and because things are so expensive/tight these days, I told her to put one pack in to cut the cost.  It still looks great.  I’m still scared about my thinning hair though, when she had them all out. I don’t want extensions in for the rest of my life! After that, I went to see “watcher”. It was good. I hate when people talk throughout movies. Someone fell asleep and started to snore. I guess you can’t help that. If he/she wasn’t alone, you’d think the person they were with would nudge them? I did with my exH. Anyway, the popcorn made my stomach turn. It’s been SO sensitive lately.  No more popcorn I guess? And that’s a good thing, I know. I don’t need it.

  • @VarunaTT Urg when people text and I'm mad at them, it's hard not to be petty. Kudos to not!

    @Casadena cute matching heads :) 
  • Just got home from Chicago. The birthday weekend was great. The weather was wonderful - even a little chilly. DD rented a bounce house which was a great hit with all the kids (big and little). The twins love their pedal bikes we gave them. Twin #2 got the hang of it a little quicker than Twin #1 but by yesterday afternoon they were both racing around the block! Yesterday SIL's parents came over again to celebrate Father's Day. We had kabobs from a local butcher and slaw and other stuff. It was delicious. Now hopefully I don't have to see them again until next spring for the other grandson's 2nd birthday. They drive H and I up the wall.

    I finally planted my pots this afternoon. I'm not sure the flowers are going to make it. I had left them in the flat in one of our flower beds that gets watered by our irrigation system. They were still pretty dry though. So we will see!

    @CharmedPam yes that sounds like the same production of Steel Magnolias that I saw. So good! Hope your trip is going well @short+sassy.
  • Weekend was good.

    Friday M & SFIL went to the football game, so it was just BK and I 
    I ordered Wendy's and BK had a fun bath with a bath bomb that changed water colours.
    I put BK to bed early because she was just getting chaotic, and over tired. Unfortunately it didn't go well. I had to go back a few times because she was coughing and then had a bad dream.

    Saturday was okay. I woke up with a headache but figured it'd go away.
    M went with SFIL to order a new BBQ, so I did gymnastics with BK - it was honestly impressive. I haven't been since her winter one, and M said there had been some good changes.
    One funny moment is another class was at the bars {across from our spot} BK takes off and hops up on the bars.
    The coach goes over and says "Oh are you a part of Superstars?" BK smiles and says yes lmao.
    BK is part of Mini Moons lmao
    BK's coach goes over, calls BK silly and gets her back lol - BK says to her coach "I'm a super star"
    Coach says "Not yet. You're in mini moons now. You'll get to superstars :) "

    Since BK had good listening ears, I made a stop at McD for a smoothie.

    My headache turned into a migraine. We only had A535 and sinus meds - so I did that

    Sunday it was better. I did groceries.
    Good lord it's expensive :\  Since BK still has pull ups at night, that's an extra nearly $30 on my bill - which would have been on budget without them at least.

    BK did cough up a ton of phlegm though. It came up as if she vomited but it was all mucus {sorry, gross} But she's sounding so much better since.

    We did a fathers day thing at IL's last night. Which my headache was vaguely returning, so we didn't stay as late as we normally do.

    BBQ comes next week.
    Washer/Dryer comes later this week

  • @CharmedPam yes that sounds like the same production of Steel Magnolias that I saw. So good! 
    Are they doing “Murder on the Orient Express” now? That is what’s next for our season. Then Elf. Then Chorus Line. 

  • Good for you @VarunaTT- you’ve earned that peace with the hard work! 

  • Weekend was, mostly, great; Saturday we hiked- H likes to go off trail and I’m generally skeptical but went along. He has M in the carrier (I had him the first half, we switched and we’re JUST starting to head back) and walks M right into a small branch. M screams, demands to get out, refuses to go to H, and will only stop crying if I carry him (not in the carrier, just regular carrying). The entire way back. Which was mainly up hill. I think H learned a lesson that maybe we’re not ready for off trail with there baby just yet. It’s small but it annoys the crap out of me- just follow the trail, it’s still fun, and he goes to camp so often he can off trail when we’re not around. 

    He went out Saturday night with friends then slept in Sunday. We grabbed breakfast in town and went to the playground. M had a ton of fun and it was a really great morning together!

  • @CharmedPam yes that sounds like the same production of Steel Magnolias that I saw. So good! 
    Are they doing “Murder on the Orient Express” now? That is what’s next for our season. Then Elf. Then Chorus Line. 
    No, the one I saw was part of our Sept-May season. Those might be coming this fall for the Broadway season (another set of tickets) - I haven't looked. Those do sound great though.

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