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I'm in the middle of a summer cold that's kicking my butt.  My throat is so sore.  I've been taking an at-home covid test each day, they keep coming up negative, and my strep at First Med was negative too, but ugh.  Hoping everyone is doing okay - had a busy last couple of days without a chance to log on so will go catch up now.

Re: Wednesday

  • I also woke up with a sore throat today! I feel mostly ok. At first I thought I just hadn't drank enough water but of course now that I'm at work I'm not feeling great. I didn't even think about testing for Covid since I had it last month. I just hope I'm feeling OK for this weekend. We' have tickets to the Yankee game Saturday and I have a grad party for my cousin's daughter Sunday. Ugh. 
  • I am waiting for my allergy meds to take affect because whew, my right eye is swollen and weepy, my nose is running, and there's just a lot of gross things right now.

    I am so tired this morning.  I forced myself out of bed and onto the rowing machine, but I hated it.  I hate it right now.  The program was also a super tough one, so now I just want to go back to bed, but it's like capitalism expects me to work all the damn time for money!  Also, I have a lot of stuff to do, so taking time off just b/c I'm tired seems silly.  I do have an appointment with my PCP next week for this; I just want to make sure there's not something going on with me physically that is making me feel so fatigued.  My shoulders and hamstrings are killing me.

    Otherwise, SSDD.  At least it's hump day and I can see the end of the week coming.  I'm really excited for Sunday; The Fifth Element is being re-released for it's 25th!!! anniversary and I'm going with L and a couple of other friends.  A few of them have never seen it on the big screen!! and one of my best buds has never seen it at all!!  I love this movie so much, I really can't wait to see it in the theatre again.
  • @ei34 @climbingsingle urg  sick sucks. Especially in summer :(

    My allergies have been ridiculous, so I've been popping allergy meds and now taking mucus and phlegm meds because of nasal drip :\  
  • Good luck @mrsconn23 I'm sure it will go really well!  And congrats to H!

    My boss is finally asking me to take on more at work (he's currently doing 2 VP jobs).  I really want to discuss a promotion but i'm really worried about travel requirements.  In normal times I love work travel, and we COULD make it work for sure, i just don't know that I WANT to make it work with G's situation.  More money would be amazing and i'm excited about more responsibility and doing something different/more.  i feel pretty committed to being with my company until G is done with treatment (2.5-3 years) because my boss/his boss are incredibly understanding and pretty much gave me carte blanche to WFH or take time off whenever i need to.  Decisions. 

    My dad is having a hip replacement on Friday and I'm glad my sis is there for another week to help him and mom afterward.  She's coming back to our house for a long weekend next Thursday before she goes home!

    Trying to go to the farmers market this weekend for the first time (we've lived here for 4  I think the boys will have fun looking at stuff and it's nice to have something to do on weekend days. 

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  • So if you're following from yesterday, virtual is because dr likes to have a consult before anything.
    Earliest is October.

    I left msg for my dr to see about someone else, but I suspect a lot of places are backed up still from covid and lockdowns, etc :\ 

    Tbh it works out in my benefit. Longer to have convo with M about one of us to get snipped.
    M's dr is impossible to reach so getting a referral might take awhile too
    If I'm at gyno, I can ask about it. Instead of getting new referral.
  • The Canadian health care system continues to horrify me. 
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    But what if that IUD was causing health problems and you needed it out right away? Would that be a cause for emergency? Tell them that! Tell them you’re experiencing pain or something. October is outlandish!

    @ei34 feel better soon!
    @Casadena I’m all about the $$$, so that’s my direction but I’m also not in your shoes so it’s very hard for me to say “take the promotion!” with G at home and all that needs to be done.  Tough spot!

    i’m so tired! I came home from dinner so wanting to relax in my hot tub but then my friend called needing relationship advice (and can I just say I’m the last person you should be getting that from?!?)  and we talked till 10:45 so after I was done I was like “well, hottubbing ain’t happening”.  It was 99 during the day, so maybe it was still to hot at night anyway. I hate going out in extreme heat.  Tonight is facial and then hottubbing?!? If I’m not caught up in other people’s drama. Next time I’m just taking the call IN the hotub. 

    Edit: also, I e-mailed my dude for a tattoo on 6/10.  I didn’t hear back. They said after 3 weeks to email them again because they’re very busy and can’t get to all the e-mails. But I also want to contact plan B, and not so last minute.  I need to know if they’re taking me on. This is for late August. But with tattoo shops, and popular ones, you really got to look around this time. So my Q…. Wait till Friday, assume plan A is a no go and then contact plan B? Or wait till the 1st, re-contact A, and wait another 3 possible weeks?

  • The Canadian health care system continues to horrify me. 
    Yet, Americans want it ?!?

  • FFS MKD you could travel to the US, get it removed from planned parenthood, and go home before you can get it done there. 
  • The Canadian health care system continues to horrify me. 
    Let's not get into it.
    On top of that, our province wants to privatize it and make it more like the American system .... 
  • Work today and my interview is at 12:30. I’m not feeling ready. My head space is not where it’s at, interview speaking. I had a patient cancer case last minute yesterday that is weighing on me heavily and I’m frustrated with the system. Both my MA and I had a hard time sleeping last night and we’re scrambling today to do anything we can for them. 

     I called my grandparents yesterday and was able to spend some quality time talking to them. I would love to visit this weekend but I need a minute before I mentally spontaneously combust. They are also (hopefully) still coming over on the 4th of July so we’ll see them in a week anyways. H is trying to find time to visit his parents this week too. I told him I could try to visit with him on Friday but my weekend is a locked deal full of sleeping in, naps, organizing the house, and more naps. 

    Congrats to H! @mrsconn23

    I hope everyone who is feeling under the weather recovers soon and it continues to be non-COVID related! 

  • BK had her allergist appt today.
    Highly sensitive skin - which we knew but allergist confirmed. Still allergic to sesame but we have a better run of information to help with food options - since that was an issue.
    Not ideal situation but it is what it is.

    Next week is garbage. I've been slowly tossing things into our trash can as I see it's necessary. I'm hoping to get a ton of crap out. It's such a fkn hassle honestly.
    I told M I may see if he can remove some shelves we have in there since we really don't use them anyways.

    As I said to M, this summer is dedicated to getting cluttered cleared up and getting debt under control.
    M has a few weeks of his loan, then after summer is over, I am dumping money into my loan and it'll be a year until it's paid.
    Having M have his loan paid, would clear up anything that if BK has big financial needs {like her bed frame} he can cover it.
  • I’m so sorry @Jen4948

  • @Jen4948, I'm so very sorry. 
  • @Jen4948 - I'm so sorry
  • Thank you.
  • (((hugs))) So Sorry @Jen4948
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