Help! My coordinator is MIA and its 1 month away

My wedding is almost completely planned (minus few details and soothing out the day timeline) and I am one month away from the wedding (July 30th).  We have been working with a wedding coordinator in partial planning who was highly recommended for 1.5 years and she has been wonderful up until the last 6 months. (She is also hired as our florist through her company). She is now not responding to any of our calls, emails, contact messages for over 60 days now. It is unclear why- I verified she is still alive through social media, but this is the second time she has done this (She again suddenly stopped responding to email, text, or calls for 1.5 months last winter - which she explained was due to a family death/illness and she was back and ready to continue once she replied.  This is making me super anxious!!!!!! IDK what to do next. My wedding is a month away and finding a planner/at least day of wedding coordinator AND a florist in New Englandis going to be impossible! Any advice is appreciated. 
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