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I had a day from hell yesterday.  Here’s the short version
- do my civic duty and voted @ 9.
- was packing/getting ready for my flight to Canada when my sister called saying my Uncle (who’s in poor health) is in the hospital.
- 1 hour later I get the call that he passed away.  I head to the airport.  Go through TSA (surprisingly not bad), line for food is longer than the TSA one.
- work from the airport, and my flight keeps getting delayed and delayed.
- I look at my “rebook a connection” link on hopper. I paid extra for the missed connection protection. Never again. All my options were a minimum of 17 hrs ONTOP of the 5 I already put in Chicago.  And I doubt they’d put me up in a hotel.  It looked like a MF nightmare. I’m still in Chicago so honestly, my best bet is to not even get on the plane since it lands AFTER my next one boards (plus I have to go through customs in Toronto when I do land).  If your asking why I didn’t just get a direct flight like I normally do, it’s because covid took away all directs.  Only connecting flights available into Winnipeg now.
- get home to find out SIL was in the E.R. for bleeding (she’s pregnant), but baby is Ok and she was finally released.  I asked if they wanted me to drive there and help out with the boys/house since I already had the days off.  They said they’d call me in the morning to see how things looked. It’s 9:00 now and they still haven’t called, so I’m guessing no? I got my PTO days back and went into work anyway.
- fought with my Dad for a bit because he was insistant that westjet had to refund me or put me on a new flight.  But westjet’s page AND the chat both said I had to go through hopper. And hopper’s like uber - no customer service #, just an online message system.  Fun.  And they wont do anything because it really was my decision to not go on the first flight. It still went out. Just 2 hours late.  I would have been stuck in Toronto and then the nightmare on what to do next would have started.  It’s $200+ for a hotel near the airport.  I’d rather just be out the $177 for the flight instead of $317 for that and a room I don’t need.
- in bed early, after watching the shitshow election results. I’m to mad at the world to even eat dinner. #didImakegoalweightthen?

Re: Wild Wednesday

  • So so ready to be home from my ridiculously long conference. I managed to get an earlier flight out after my original one was cancelled. 
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    My doctor appointment yesterday was a mixed bag.  She thinks the fatigue is sleep apnea, so I have to go in for a sleep study.  She said I wasn't really the body type for it, but it could be genetic.  I **think** I remember my mother having to do this as well and putting books under her side of the mattress to raise the mattress for sleeping.  However, mom has enough on her plate and if I tell her this, she's going to focus in on it and I can't really handle that.  So, I'm waiting for the specialist to call me and get things set up.  I'm also putting myself back on birth control, since I'm considering dating and penis-owners are in my dating pool.  Though I'm not sure I want one near me like....ever again.  And my vitamin D level was up to 35!!!  Which is still super low, but it's at least "normal low".  She did still up my intake, but at least I'm finally getting closer than 11 and 17.  Plus, my glucose and the other thing I can never remember, stayed consistent, so she doesn't think I'm pre-diabetic, just need to continue to work on diet and exercise.  And even the doctor's scale said I lost weight.  Scheduled my mammogram.  

    Otherwise, SSDD.  15 days and counting until my BFF is in town and I'm so excited, I can barely stand it.  British Grand Prix this weekend and L is coming over.  Mainly b/c my neighbor gave me 36 damn eggs, when I asked for FOUR and I need to use them up.  I'm making shaksouka, b/c I LOVE that dish and K hated tomatoes so I haven't made it in years.  But there's really no way to make a small amount easily and it doesn't really warm up well, in my experience.  Then either foccacia or popovers again (for the 3rd time), or another bread to sop up that delicious sauce.  I'm only thinking about it now b/c I have to put in a grocery delivery order for some missing stuffs today.

    Interesting note:  when she was discussing sleep apnea with me, I told her my watch tracked my oxygen levels while sleeping and showed her the results.  I did say I didn't know how accurate they were.  She said that she uses the watch diagnostics now, b/c she had a patient call in, say their watch had done an EKG, and found they were in afib.  She didn't believe it, but had the patient come in anyway, and sure enough, they were in afib.  She said they can't replace the clinic tools, but they were a solid indicator of problems, so that was kinda neat.

    @CharmedPam that sounds exhausting, even reading it was exhausting.
  • @CharmedPam oh I'm so sorry :(  just all around shit day Go treat yourself to something.
  • Ugh @CharmedPam.  That's a lot.  

    DH is on his second to last day of work at his current job.  The closer he's gotten to leaving, the most grateful I am the new opportunity came up.  IDK if he would have had a job as of Oct.  It's sounding pretty bleak as far as new contract prospects.  

    Pretty sure dad has Covid.  His two BFF's he was with this weekend have it and dad feels like shit.  He tested negative, but has all the symptoms. Not surprised he's not positive yet since that's how this seems to go.  My sisters and I are a little stressed and extra missing mom.  We hate that he's alone through this.  Lil sis may be the 'runner' since she just had Covid 2 weeks ago.  She'd still mask and all that, but she's lowest risk of all of us because she's still in the window. 

    This means he's not going to be able to take DefConn on their trip this weekend.  He called and talked to DefConn 'man to man' yesterday before he told me what was up.  DefConn is bummed, but understanding.  He's been tinkering extra hard in the garage, which is totally his 'therapy'.  We're planning on boating Friday, weather permitting, and we'll find some other fun stuff to do as well. 

    We had M+L for dinner last night because I picked up L's son for her.  We had a great night and actually all had a really thoughtful discussion about Roe and politics.  I think L and I really enlightened M and DH about some stuff.  

    SSDD.  Still waiting.  Tick, tick, tick...LOL 
  • Do you ever see something you love and want and plan on saving for, but it doesn't deliver to your country?
    I'm working on details of our spare room and anticipating not to be able to keep makeup there - let alone be able to do it there - so I've been trying to find basically this and it only ships in Australia :'( 

    Valise Makeup Station PRO - Luvo Store

    So now I'm hunting for "second best" - anyone got ideas?

    Spare room right now has an old desk, litter box, bookshelf, etc.
    I've purchased new litter so that won't be an issue and we're getting stuff out of there so it can be cleared up {slowly}

    We need to redo floors also.
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    @VarunaTT interesting about those watches. Now that my weekend cleared up, I can go over there and help you eat all that food.  What time should I be over there? 😆 
    @mrsconn23, fx he doesn’t have covid.  That would be awful to be secluded during the 4th and family time
    @MissKittyDanger  uuuuh yeah! The UK is a massive distributor of pagan/wiccan like things, even the old fashioned paper magazines. All the UK sites I like CAN ship to the U.S, but usually it costs more than the item.  That desk is really cool.  I’m sure you can find something almost like it there? Go to google shopping and type in that description, maybe you’ll find it?

  • We're ordering our new dishwasher and fridge today!  The layout of the new fridge is really nice (french door, freezer on bottom) but it's smaller than our current one (freezer on top, one fridge door).  We're really limited on what we can do height wise in our kitchen without messing with a bunch of cabinets.  I think we'll really like it though. 

    Got myself on boss's schedule to catch up on the new job posting and just chat about how he sees the team going forward.  Excited and nervous a little for that. Hoping it is productive even if he's not super receptive to my interest in the job.  

    @CharmedPam I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of that, what a nightmare.  Hope everyone is doing well. 
  • @levioosa I have a diagnosis of PMDD.  When I've discussed semi/permanent BC option, there's always the caveat of it could throw me into a 6 month or longer PMDD cycle.  I just can't handle that, and TBH, neither could the people in my life.  It worries me and since the PMDD is under control right now, I kind of don't want to mess it about too much.
  • Congrats on the job @levioosa!  I understand your trepidation.  If I were you, I'd be tempted to give no notice this time and wait until you actually start at the new job since you got fucked the last time.  As far as any 'promises' you made to the current job, meh.  I know that's easier said than done. 

    What the what at the doctor?!  That's messed up.  That office and doctor should not be treating anyone. I'm sorry they went through that and that it's causing further delay.  Ughhh.  Just horrific. 
  • @leviosaa I didn't read your whole thing. Holy shit @ that doctor.  I'd call the clinic supervisor and complain to high heaven and, if it's associated with a hospital, I'd write a letter to the hospital as well.  That's completely unacceptable.  I can't imagine such casual cruelty.  Hell, I worked for a doctor that a patient said, "has the bedside manner of a bill collector", but he was still a good doctor and he wasn't cruel.

    Also, I'd be tempted to just not give notice.  IDK how it would work in your field, but I can't imagine how frightening this would all be at this point.  Hell, I'm nervous for you even.
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    I'm so sorry @CharmedPam.
    What rude things for that doctor to say @levioosa.

    My mom is celebrating her birthday today from a hospital bed. I'll try to see her, but I am not sure if I will get to.

    I have a doctor's appointment and I am sitting in the waiting room. The office has OAN running on TV interviewing MTG and BSing all over the place. Yet another reason to switch doctors.

    My dad advised me to go ahead with my upcoming vacation so on Friday I am going to NYC and NJ for 11 days with a wedding at the tail end of the trip. My brother is coming to visit here while I am away.
  • @CharmedPam that is a lot. I'm very sorry about your uncle. 

    @levioosa horrible how that doctor treated your grandfather. Congrats on the new job! I'd be nervous too after what happened last time. 

    Ugh. I'm having a hard time. One person on my team is on vacation, one person called in sick and one just left to go to the doctor. So it's just me here. I'm managing the best I can but I had been hoping to leave a  bit early (got here at 7:30, was hoping to leave at 4:30) and now I'm stuck here until 5. 

    I'm ready for this long weekend already. 
  • @CharmedPam, I recently had my own airline hell.  I very much feel your pain.  I am not exaggerating.  For the last three nights, I've had dreams where I was in an airport.  I really, really do not want to keep reliving that portion of my recent travels, lol.

    @levioosa, congrats on the new job!  After what happened last time, I would wait until you're only two weeks out from your start date and then give your notice at the current job.

    My Costco scanning gig very abruptly ended yesterday :(.  My scheduler had sent me her usual weekly check-in that morning to verify I was still "on" for the week.  I replied that I was.  Then that afternoon, she sent me another text that the program was going to another company and was ended with them, effective immediately.

    She told me, and I also got an e-mail from her boss this morning, that they will be sending us all info in the coming days about the new company.  It sounds like they will be trying to coordinate things, so that all the folks like me can just move over to the new company and keep this gig job.  But the timeline is that it will take about two weeks.  I guess I'll see.

    TBH, it was barely worth the time for the money it was.  So I wouldn't even be that disappointed if it I don't get it back.  And if the other company cuts the pay at all, they can go pound sand and find someone else for NOLA.  BUT it was an extra $650-ish/month for a gig job that was somewhat flexible and fit into my and my H's schedule. 

    My cold has turned into a monster and I feel so crappy.  Unfortunately, cold medicene isn't helping the symptoms at all.  I've been wearing an N95 mask around the common areas at work, to at least try and keep others from getting sick.  I should really be at home, but am too busy at work. 
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  • mrsconn23 said:
    30 years for R. Kelly. 

    He’s going to want to be trapped back into that closet once those inmates get ahold of him.

  • @VarunaTT if heavy bleeding isn’t a concern the copper IUD doesn’t have any hormones. It is my least favorite one because it can cause heavier periods and cramping, but for a lot of people who don’t want the hormones or can’t have them it’s a solid option of pregnancy prevention. Of course it’s important to have that discussion with your doctor. I have PPMD too and it’s both interesting and frustrating how it responds to different forms of BC. No hormonal support? I’m a suicidal mess. Mirena IUD, I get intrusive suicidal thoughts about a day or two before my period. OCPs, a literal toss up. Freaking hormones. I will say your chasteberry recommendation has been really helpful and I notice a big difference when I don’t take it consistently.

    I’m sorry about your costco gig @short+sassy. I hope you feel better too! 

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