Celebrity China "Free Gift"

I recently went to the Houston Bridal Extravaganza and got a call from Celebrity China about how we "won" some free prizes. Toasting glasses and a free 3 days and 2 nights accommodations. The meeting is going to be today, I've read reviews online about people calling them a scam and that it is actually a sales pitch which doesn't surprise me. I don't mind sitting through a demo if I get the toasting glasses (which I've read that they aren't actually china but cheap plastic ones) and a free hotel stay. Both me and my fiancé will simply decline their products and won't buy from them. (Also read reviews how the $2k pans and pots are also cheaply made.) Also, read reviews that the cruise they offer has really high fees that are even more than if you had ordered it directly. (I don't plan on buying anything so the cruise issues don't apply to me)
The problem is that I've read some people say that the "taxes and fees" are pretty high and the hotels aren't even good. Most of the reviews are over 10 years old, has anyone had any recent experience? If the fee is reasonable and it's a nice hotel, then we won't mind going.

Re: Celebrity China "Free Gift"

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