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Yesterday was a long, but good day.

We signed a lease with our new tenant!  That's the last unit for those two duplexes, next door to each other.  Our new tenant isn't on Section 8, so she's moving in on Friday.  Phew!  Finally getting some rent for it and I don't have to wait for the S8 4-8 week process.

However, she wasn't able to meet us until 6:30.  So my husband and I took the opportunity to try a new restaurant in that part of town.  Indian food isn't usually my favorite, but I'd heard really good things about the place we went.  I'm glad we took the chance because we both really liked our dishes.  Mine was a little spicier than what I would have liked, but not too big of a deal and it was also super flavorful. 
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    Yay S+S, i'm glad you got that settled. I love indian food! I realize this is not authentic but one of my favorite shortcuts when i'm craving indian is combining one bottle of red curry sauce from Trader Joes with one can of coconut milk or coconut cream, then pour it over rice (I love the steamable frozen jasmine rice from TJ) and whatever leftover meat/fish/veggies i have in the house! Their frozen garlic naan is super good too.  

    Busy day at work today, i'm in meetings from 11-6 straight through, blech.  I'm super tired today and hopefully can go to bed early.  G has been in a sleep protest phase and not going to sleep until 930ish but also will not fall sleep without one of us near him.  Not worth working on knowing he'll be so sick the 6weeks that he'll be putting himself to bed around 630 soon, but definitely sucks a lot of our evening away!  

    ETF: they're/their/there
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    Good to hear @short+sassy!
    lion King is supposed to be amazing @missJeanLouise

    i’m also bleh today.  Could be the heat.  When it’s hot outside, it’s hot in here.  I’m wfh and my crappy internet keeps freezing on me, so I’ll be all relaxed and online and then check my workphone and I’ve missed like 10 emails because my laptop froze! And it’s not the laptop.  It’s the internet, which supposedly I have the highest speed of.

    I get to food prep though.  And heading to Cheesecake Factory for a meetup after work. I’m waiting on my bro to see if this weekend or next is the best weekend to see them, but he’s horrible at getting back to me, and I like to fill up my weekends so hurry hurry. 

  • Weekend away was actually kinda nuts?

    Intended good deed and unintended good deed. I joke with M we're racking up karma points ;)

    Intended good deed - 2 blocks from our hotel is a delicious spot for scones. They also sell the previous day scones as a bag for $7 - we opted to buy them and give the pack to homeless kids across from hotel. One less thing for them to worry about later.

    Anyways after dinner M & I decided to change and then headed down to the market to get beavertails.
    It's funny. For years that area was not good in evening but it's probably been bumped up post-lockdowns to add tourism here.
    It was nice. The city sprayed some games {hop scotch, snakes and ladders, etc} to the ground for kids.

    So after we decided to walk back through the mall. With all the walking, M's ankles were sore {half because he doesn't walk, half because we did a lot in flip flops}
    As we're almost out of the mall, a girl stands from bench and in a super friendly way says "Oh hey, which way are you going?"
    M explains right. She says she'll walk with us
    She leans to me and says she's being followed and called the cops. I explain that we aren't leaving her until we know she's safe.
    I'm 5'2" on a good day
    6' attitude on a bad day.

    We were able to flag an ambulance and they let her in back to be safe, and as soon as she was safe she just started sobbing.
    I feel awful for the girl, but I'm so glad M & I were there to be sure she was ok. Mall was closed. Not many people would be passing.
  • @missJeanLouise, your purse is so cute!  Teal is one of my favorite colors and that's a fun lining.

    @MissKittyDanger, You and M are awesome!  It's wonderful you all were there to help her.

    I've heard safety tips like that.  If someone is following you or you're worried about someone nearby and there is no one around, call or pretend to call someone on the phone and act like you are about to meet them.  Speak loudly and include where you are.  Like, "Hi Dad!  Sorry I'm running a little late.  But I'm already on the corner of Main and Oak, so almost there."

    If there are people around, run up to someone like you know them with a loud greeting.  And then in a softer voice explain what's happening and why you are scared.  Similar to what that woman did with you all, just without the loud greeting.  Most people will help and go along with it.
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  • @short+sassy  I honestly wasn't surprised but M was like "this could go either way" because the area is kinda known to be sketch {it's called the Rideau Center - but locals call it the Weirdo Center}
    I'm just so glad because it was slow night so who knows next person she felt safe for!
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    Fun summer purse @missJeanLouise!
    @MissKittyDanger I’m happy you and M were there at the right time, right place.  Scary for that girl!

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    Glad you got your tenant all situated @short+sassy
    I am not a hug fan of Indian food either, but mostly because there is always too much sauce for me. The flavors are excellent but I am not a sauce person.

    Tuesday was a decent day. I finished a bag I started before we went to Legoland over the weekend. It turned out pretty decent and I am happy with it. Then I rode horse. I rode two days in a row last week and could barely walk for 3 days. I took it pretty easy today but we'll see how I am tomorrow.

    I bought out tickets for Lion King. It is coming here this winter so I have been trying to get DS familiar with the story line and characters. He definitely likes the music but he would still rather watch Lego Batman.

    Eta: pictures of the bag I made

    That is so cute! Did you have a pattern or did you wing it?
  • @ILoveBeachMusic it's the Wool and Wax Tote from Noodlehead. I am not brave/experienced/smart enough to wing it but this one was so simple, especially with YouTube tutorials, a true beginner (like me) could make it.
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