Wedding Woes

Monday, Monday, Monday!

IDK why I suddenly heard a wrestling announcer in my ear, but here we are.

I had an okay weekend.  I did not get to meet @short+sassy, b/c my allergies went absolutely haywire.  Part of it is my fault; for the first time I didn't take my antihistamine before I went in for that allergy shot and took my stuff in the evening.  Had a horrible night, then into the next day.  But on top of that, all of the allergens were present: mold was high. tree/grasses/weed were all moderate.  So it was like my own little allergy trifecta.  However, I am still really thankful about seeing the allergist, b/c as miserable as I was, in all honestly it was like a 1/10 compared to what I am usually going through in this season.

I didn't sleep well on Saturday night (see above) and I had made plans for brunch Sunday morning.  So, I was up doing stuff and my mother called me.  I ended up snapping at her, apologizing, and getting off the phone.  Later, I texted her and said I was sorry, and i would call her after work today.  She asked me to call anyway, so I did.  She apologized to me and I really appreciated it.  I'm not going into all the details, but I needed the apology and she needed to make it and we're in a much better spot right now.  Also, there IS drama going on with the family I expected it to be going on with, so I know she's stressing out. I also think something has been said about me not being my father's biological daughter and that is one sure fire way to get my and my mother's backs up, so she's dealing with that too.  At this point, we're both just ready for Friday to be passed and over, so we can start the next step, no matter what that step looks or feels like.

Trying to get back on track at work this week.  It's just been hard here lately.  Otherwise, SSDD.

Re: Monday, Monday, Monday!

  • That’s a lot for one weekend @VarunaTT
  • Hoping for a quiet week after a busy weekend trying to take a complex test to apply for a job.
  • My mum and I went to the museum on Saturday. Long day. Long busing. It was good though.

    The special exhibit on was about Canadian tv

    Learned that Paw Patrol is Canadian lol

    Sunday we visited inlaws for a bit cuz M was going to gym for a bit.

    Currently trying to pay off debt really heavy. I completely ignored my credit card this month and it got high. M paid back part of the CHEO dream tickets I purchased - we opted to split instead of both buying tickets.

    I got a really cute vid of BK dancing but I can't post it cuz she's not wearing pants lol
    She loves watching tiktoks with us - there's a drag queen that pops up on my feed and she made us replay it so many times so she could dance like him lol
  • Afternoon, y'all. 

    Weekend was good.  We rekeyed our house Friday night and our new locks are so much better and now we have keys that work on all our doors. 

    Saturday we went out boating with BIL/SIL, SIL's dad, our friend M and his kids.  We had such a good, relaxing day.  

    Sunday, we were up fairly early and got all our running around done before the post-church-pre-football rush.  We snacked most of the day and watched the Colts lose in the most embarrassing way possible.  The kiddo, M, and his kids did stop by for the game.  The rest of the night was pretty chill with a bike ride and covering the boat up. And we ended the night with House of the Dragon.  

    We hit the 90's this week and then it all cools off.  BRING ME FALL!  :) 
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