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It's time to quit being her plant sitter.

Dear Prudence, 

Is it bad to stop doing a favor for a friend simply because you’re sick of it? A friend of mine keeps a large number of plants in her apartment; when her job started making her travel for business, she asked if I would apartment-sit for her and water them. Initially, this wasn’t a bad deal: I would crash in a bigger apartment and she would give me a bottle of inexpensive wine for the trouble.

Lately, however, this has started to wear on me. Initially, the plants only needed watering every few days, but now she wants them checked on every day after some pest issues. Her apartment is not convenient to mine, so this is a hassle, especially when she travels for major holidays (and I have already navigated Christmas Eve traffic for these plants before). She’s also started to send more texts for status updates, including during my work hours, and (I realize this is petty) I’m not even getting the wine bottles anymore, so I am not getting paid in any sense. Can I bow out of this just because I’m tired of it? She has other people she can ask to do this, but apparently, they take bad care of the plants.

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Re: It's time to quit being her plant sitter.

  • "I'm sorry but I no longer have the available bandwidth for this." 

  • I would find this to be a hassle, even if I lived in the same apartment complex as this person.  Once in awhile, would be fine.  But frequently is not.

    It previously worked for the LW.  Now it doesn't.  Nothing wrong with that.  Just tell the friend they are no longer available to help with the plant sitting.

    The LW shouldn't feel petty about the wine.  I totally understand that.  It's not the wine so much as what the lack of wine means.  That this friend expects the LW to do this big favor, but can't even be bothered to get them a bottle of wine as a thank you.  
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  • I'm sorry, but why should or would you have high maintenance plants if you're not going to be home to take care of them?   Also, this person has had other people that she's ran off with her BS (I bet they just started ignoring her demands to be there every day and that's why they were 'bad' at it). 

    LW has been too nice for too long.  Rip that bandaid off and say no the next time she asks.  
  • They're plants, not a dog or cat...  Most plants benefit from the art of skillful neglect and once every other week check-in... With modern technology the Plant-parent can check in from a distance to make sure the house's temperature and humidity is where their plants like it then asking once every other week to stop by to water is more than plenty (and probably more along the lines of "that's tolerable" for the LW...

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