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We made it.  Hope everyone's day goes quickly today.  
Kids are spending their first overnight with stbxh Sat-Sun.  I know this was what I wanted, but still having some feels.  Unless I was with one of my kids in the hospital, I've never not been with my all my kids overnight.  So it'll feel strange, but I know at some point I'll adjust.  Would love to say I have me-time things planned, but I've got so much grading to do as well as some fall cleaning projects (reorganizing the pantry, etc.) that I think I'll be busy enough.  I do have a four day weekend in observance of Rosh Hashanah Mon and Tues, and the kids and I will have some fall fun.  I'm reminding myself of that.

@VarunaTT sending you all the vibes today  <3

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    @ei34 sending you love

    @VarunaTT sending you all the good vibes today as well. 

    This week felt so freaking long. But I have a fun weekend planned! Possibly going to the Yankee game tonight (N's son has us just about convinced), brunch at a winery w/ my friends
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    Thinking of you @VarunaTT

    Oh @ei34, this is a hard first in these situations.  ((hugs)) mama. 

    Weekend is shaping up to be low-key.  Woohoo.  The weather is also going to be amazing.  
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    Sending good vibes, @ei34. It takes time to adjust.

    It's looking like a low key weekend here too, with a little fall weather. I'd forgotten that I'd agreed to go to a happy hour tonight, but I'm hoping to dip out early and still be home by 8. Tomorrow H and I are going up to the outlets. We both need some cooler weather workout clothes and a few other things. Hopefully it will be productive. Then maybe dinner out. Sunday is gloriously free. Maybe a short hike and football on the couch all afternoon. 
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    @ei34, try to at least get a long bath and at-home facial scheduled in for your kids-free weekend.  Give yourself at least 30 minutes to relax and read a book (if you like to read).  Definitely get a little "me" time in, even if you are busy other projects.

    @VarunaTT, sending my thoughts and prayers.

    My H and I made good headway on our Costco scanning gig yesterday, so he's going to finish it up today and I'm off the hook.  I haven't had much sleep the last two nights, so I'm planning an afternoon nap when I get off work!

    One of the 4-star restaurants near me is having a "3 appetizers and one glass of wine for $25" special.  My friend and I are going to catch that tonight.  She's going back out of town for work, so it will be nice to have a "last hurrah".

    Not much else planned for the weekend.  I'm looking forward to being home, after having been gone for a week.
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    @ei34 enjoy the kid free time, and I like S&S’s idea of even a facial or quiet time for 30 minutes
    @VarunaTT big hugs on today

    I have nothing going on this weekend either.  I can’t even fill meetup stuff because no one has anything going on! I had to come into work too because my laptop wasn’t connecting.  We did a cut over on Wednesday and I thought I’d be safe to wfh, but I wasn’t.  And I also woke up with a swollen eye lid.  Just one.  Weird.  No new bedtime products but maybe something I normally use irrated the one lid? It’s slowly going down. 

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    @VarunaTT vibes. virtual hugs. thoughts. whatever you need <3

    @ei34 your feelings are valid. This is a major step

    Not very busy weekend.
    Was suppose to get new couch tomorrow but only the small piece is in, and other wouldn't be until November so I requested they just hold it until the big piece came in.

    If it was the big piece in, I would have said yes.

    Right now it stands that M is taking BK to gymnastics while I do groceries, but BK was complaining of an upset tummy and might be coming home.
    So we'll see. If she comes home, we'll likely not be doing gymnastics tomorrow.

    Sunday M is going to the gym, so I told BK we're going to clean. I have to vacuum and clean my bathrooms, but she can sweep at least. She's trying to vacuum but it's heavy lol
    Maybe I'll have her clean up the floor when I'm doing stuff she can't help with.
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    Can you order some favorite food or dessert while you grade? Something to ease the hard tonight @ei34?

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    @VarunaTT - thinking of you today.
    @ei34 - it's hard.  Try to do a little something just for you besides grading papers and cleaning.

    My boss decided to make a coffee run this morning and deliver to each of our homes!  It was sweet and unexpected.

    No big plans for the weekend here which is good because I want to finish up some things for our Open House next weekend.  

    Work is work.  Very busy but manageable.  I submitted my application for the upper-level position in my work unit so we'll see where that goes.
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    @MNNEBride, good luck with your application!
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    H left for his trip so of course M and I woke up with cold symptoms. 
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    So sorry @charlotte989875 - hope the cold symptoms are short lived!
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    Thinking of you for the memorial, @VarunaTT.

    Big medieval faire tomorrow which I am attending on my own.  They have jousting and a trebuchet.  Then book club on Sunday.  I think I will also go to church in person, since hubby is out Larping.  He doesn't wear a mask most places, so I think his reluctance to go back to church in person is due to something else.

    I have a little more sanding to do for my kitchen reno, but there is an end in sight!  Very excited about that.  

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