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Wedding show scams - Free Vacation - Wedding Band Gift card etc.

I am an anti-scam and fraud detection expert.  My fiancée went to a wedding show and all the scams started pouring in.
Scam: 'Free' vacation;
What it really is: Timeshares timeshares timeshares;
Description: Your 'free' vacation is at a rundown timeshare, if you find the name of the property and google it you will see reviews for 1 to 3 stars and tons of complaints.  They give you a 'tour.'  This is a high pressure sales tactic where they have you captive in a golf cart, bus you off premises and strand you, or you enter a room people line the hallways to distract you from leaving.  This presentation will not be 90 minutes, it could run over 3 hours.  The vacations themselves aren't even free - they could be $199 per person.  They want a credit card information over the phone - never give out your credit card information over the phone;
Conclusion: don't give money for someone for the privilege of being able to book something.  You can go online and find the week you want in the same timeshare for $100-$300 total and you can cancel and get your money back.  The problem is you have a year or two to book a stay but you will find the availability is lacking during any popular vacation time and additional terms and conditions may appear once you go to actually book.

Scam: Free champaign flutes, and "$600 gift card for wedding bands;"
What it really is: Timeshares or overpriced MLM cookware;
Description: You show up for some free prizes you 'won' and enter into a 90 minute (or longer) high pressure sales environment where they try and get you to purchase famously overprice cookware.  If you manage to stick through the longer than promised presentation you get two of the cheapest flutes (worth less than $6), and $600 to a website like where a tungsten band that is $15 on Amazon, lists for almost $300.  They charge $25 to mail the $15 band using first class mail that costs under $4, so they are getting you to pay them $21 for a $15 band and all it costs you is $650, but with the $600 gift card the $30 of Amazon priced wedding bands can be yours for only $50.
Conclusion: don't even show up to be scammed twice - once on the presentation and once on the overpriced wedding bands that are cheaper on without a coupon than on the affiliate website with a coupon.  The gas money could easily cover the champaign flutes.  Nothing will get you 90 minutes to two pus hours back;

See: (I am too new to post links to Amazon and the website for the jewelry place)

Re: Wedding show scams - Free Vacation - Wedding Band Gift card etc.

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    BINGO!!!!  Before we were even dating, my husband bought into both the vacation package and then "Discounted Home Goods" that when all was added up, was EXACTLY the price or higher than purchasing regular furniture from the upscale furniture store plus "maintenance frees" to stay with the company for future ordering.  Plus, you could ONLY search for items in-person at their warehouse location.  

    As for the vacation package, Four day - three night timeshare thing, was suppose to only be 90 minutes at each venue in this package he booked, at one they took us to a location outside of town on backroads and for EIGHT HOURS kept us there trying to sell us on a timeshare there.  We finally nearly threatened to call the authorities if they didn't take us back to our hotel immediately..  It was bad and the hotel sucked!
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