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Stepson in my ceremony?

I'm looking for advice on how to include my stepson in our wedding ceremony next year. He will be 12 years old and I want to make sure he feels special and included. Our wedding is out of state so at first, he didn't want to come (since we're not having kids at our wedding). Now he changed his mind and wants to come!  

The issue I'm having is he is too old to be a ring bearer and we already have our bridesmaids and groomsmen picked out. Is there a way he can maybe walk with my fiancé and I after we've been pronounced husband and wife? Could he maybe walk my fiancé's mother down the aisle after the ceremony is over?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

Re: Stepson in my ceremony?

  • Yes, he can escort his grandmother. Or he can be another groomsman or do a reading. 

    Those are really the only roles available to anyone in a wedding party for someone of his age. You can also take special photos with him or have a special dance with him at your reception.

    Whatever he does, though, make sure he's okay with it. Don't surprise him with it or put any pressure on him to participate beyond being a guest (which in itself is an honor).
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