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August wedding in I crazy?

Is it possible to have an outdoor wedding in Vegas and not melt? This will be my first trip there but I know it's one of the hotter months. Any advice on how to make it less of a sweat fest. I truly want to take advantage of an outdoor setting and plan on either early morning or early evening ceremony time, 10am/7pm. The locations I have in mind so far are red rock canyon or valley of fire but I open to other ideas. It's going to be 20 people or less. I've seen some companies that do small weddings and elopements at these locations, anyone have any experience with this or recommendations? Also I wanted to maybe go to dinner after the ceremony and any recommendations for that as well would be lovely. Please help  🫠

Re: August wedding in I crazy?

  • Doing an outdoor wedding at Red Rock or Valley of Fire in August will mean 115+ temperatures. It's a bad idea. Temps even in the mornings are around 90F.

    If you must do outside in Vegas in August, then you have two options: Mt Charleston and Spring Mountain Ranch.

    Mt Charleston is 20 degrees cooler, and up on a mountain. The Retreat has a nice outdoor area and then a pretty restaurant (not sure how the food tastes, but the room is great). There's also the option for the ski resort, which has a decent restaurant, but not the same romantic look.

    Spring Mountain Ranch State Park has the sandstone views of Red Rock but not as much heat. It's literally 15 minutes from Red Rock, but higher elevation. You'll be on the west side of town, so an evening ceremony to leverage the sunset might be stunning. The closest dining options would be at Downtown Summerlin or Red Rock Casino, both of which have great choices. It'll still be hot, but there's a local theater troupe that does shows there in the summer, so it's not too terribly miserable. 
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