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Bridesmaid Dress Color

Hi, need an opinion on this color for bridesmaid dresses. This is my favorite color and I'm getting married September 21. Do you think it's more of a summer color or is it still OK for end of September Wedding. Most of my bridesmaids said it's OK but some are skeptical.

Re: Bridesmaid Dress Color

  • It does not scream “fall” to me but I don’t think it’s a big issue.  Late September in Illinois where I am can range from 80 degrees to 40 degrees.  If the color coordinates with everything else, it should be fine.  It also depends on the other colors you are pairing with it. 

  • Thank you! If it was up to me, I would have a summer wedding but choices were limited. I was thinking it will pair well with gold. And yes, I am in Chicago area so it can be a hot day.
  • If you love the color, and it'll look great on your BM, go with that color!  Don't worry about the "seasons" or whatever...  The details that are important - is it in the lowest WP budget and will they individually feel comfortable wearing the particular cut of dress?
  • All of them are gorgeous! 
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