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Prudie Day

Thank goodness.  Neeedd to read about someone else's drama.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes re DD.  I feel like our session yesterday was productive and we are gradually implementing a couple of new things at home.

@charlotte989875 I'm so sorry to have read about the work stuff, hope you're all okay and will be able to move towards healing at some point soon.

Re: Prudie Day

  • I'm already on fire this morning because of work drama.  I don't care if you have trust issues with your team, I don't have any with mine so, stop meddling in my shit.  My boss is on my side and we have a one on one here soon, so I can't wait to  'WTF?!' with her.  She's also pissed

    Anyway, I think we're mostly there with our packing for this trip.  I have all sorts of stuff waiting to go out to my car this afternoon.  

    It's rainy and so blah today.  Otherwise, SSDD. 

    OPP (Other People's Problems) are on their way.  LOL 
  • @charlotte989875 I read yesterday. How's things today? How's the company handling situation?

    @ei34 glad you make some break thrus - hopefully it's easy implemented stuff at home <3

    @mrsconn23 mercury in retrograde is just fucking everything up
  • @charlotte989875 I hope today is better.

    @mrsconn23 good luck with the boss!

    I had a frustrating meeting as we work to onboard a new account and I could sense frustration in my boss with me.  Bottom line - I've been pushing people for answers and the waffling from the clients were horrible.  Hopefully he's seeing that it isn't me but it's absolutely frustrating when you work with people to get an answer and it feels like pulling teeth. 

    I'm trying a new recipe for black bean soup for dinner.  It's in the crock pot and I'm optimistic that we'll love it.   I'm a big fan of it being 10 AM and having dinner made. 
  • I've been so tired but I'm making lists of shit I need to do. I lost an entire week between xmas and new years that I wanted to do stuff around the house.
    Fkn covid *sigh* Even if it wasn't covid I'd be pissed. I had no energy.

    This weekend I'm going to start my closet. We're back to wearing work stuff and jeans on Fridays, so I need to see what I have.
    Admittedly I really don't want to do this, but I know it's 100% necessary.
  • I'm with you, @ei34!  I had a really bad day yesterday and want to immerse myself in other people's Prudie problems. So many things went wrong.  I'm usually a calm person, but I was so furious at three different people/entities on three totally unrelated subjects.

    Section 8 (that I talked about yesterday).  My mortgage servicer who, I'm not exaggerating, are one of the most grossly incompetent companies I have ever had to deal with.  A nightmare I thought was taken care of two years ago has resurfaced.  I was on the phone with them for 50 minutes right after I got off work yesterday.  Hadn't even left the office, so I was super late getting home.  And one of my tenants who knows she is pushing me too far.

    My realtor told me yestereday that the buyer for the property who needs the new roof wanted to walk because it was "taking too long" (eyeroll).  Yeah dude.  I wish I could snap my fingers and have had the roofing crew come out the next day.  But that's not how it works.  They could come out in two weeks, which isn't bad.  However, I found out this morning that my realtor saved it.  So that crisis averted, at least for now.

    I'm really hoping for a calmer day, today.  It should be, except I need to have a difficult text (possibly phone) conversation with the tenant pushing me too far.

    They've been circling the drain on the rent for months.  I've been increasingly nervous and unhappy about it, but we've been working with them until now.  No rent paid for Jan. at all yet.  And also no contact from her, until yesterday.   Even that was two days after we'd posted a Pay or Quit notice on their door.  She said she is going to pay the rent next Friday.  I didn't reply back yesterday because I was too upset over the whole day and also wanted to speak to my H last night.  He and I came to a decision and I just texted her back that the best we could do was half the rent by Tuesday (last day of her pay or quit) and the other half on the 20th.

    I didn't say this next part to her, but here was my reasoning.  1) It's BULLSHIT she expects to pay NOTHING until 2/3rds of the month is over.  Her husband is the breadwinner and I know he's received at least one paycheck since Jan. started and they gave us zip.  2) From their payment history, I also know she isn't going to have the full rent on the 20th if the whole thing is due.  3) And then Feb.'s rent is due 10 days later and the cycle of very late rent, rent paid in pieces, and excuses starts all over again.
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  • Ugh, that’s all so frustrating @short+sassy

    Bracing myself for a stressful two days at work. Hopefully the last two days I’m by myself in Urgent Care. We have a new provider starting and I’ll be helping them out next week but then after that I return to my home spot. Which is still stressful, but at least I can semi prep there. 

    I am tired. I went to bed late last night which was totally on me between watching too much Married at First Sight and then Jennifer Coolidge’s speeches at the Golden Globes lol. 

  • Well today is for all the backlash. Just glad it’s a long weekend. 
  • @charlotte989875, yikes, yeah.  The long weekend cannot come too soon for you and your coworkers.  Hopefully things will have died down more on Tuesday and things will start to feel more normal.
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  • I was having a convo with some coworkers about what a laid back city NOLA is.  Which is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

    One of them had worked in NYC in their youth.  This was their funny comment that perfectly summarized our discussion:

    New York City is the city that never sleeps.  New Orleans is the city that takes a nap in the park.   
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  • Just checking in. I've been so tired this week and the weather isn't helping. I can barely get myself to exercise in the morning (not normally a problem) then get home and all I want to do is nap. I hate winter in Indiana. I did have lunch with some friends today, one of whom is going the Belize for 5 weeks! She just retired in September and is celebrating because she hates winter as much as I do! 
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