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We all must've had either a very rough or very great weekend.  :)

I didn't do much of anything.  My aunts were in town and we had belated Christmas with them.  They got me an AMAZING new turntable that is so much better than my old one.  I love it.  The temptation to just go blow money on albums is HIGH, let me tell you.  I read a lot of books this weekend, finishing up those that were half or more done, reading all the way through one, and just generally relaxing as much as possible.

So, I have identified the one problem I'm going to have here and it's that there is toxic positivity here.  I just had someone...really chastise me for not saying good morning.  My usual method of dealing with something like that didn't come forward b/c I hadn't even had my coffee, but really?  TF??  I am not a child, I am not YOUR child, and I acknowledged you, so bugger off.  There's a woman here that is kind of the office grump, but honestly if this is the nonsense, I get why she is a grump.  However, it is still so much more better than my last place that I will not be complaining about this...though I am glad I've identified it and the people doing it, so I can approach them accordingly.  As I told my trainer, I am new...not stupid.  I think since I've slid in fairly easily in terms of knowing the job, people might be forgetting that I don't know all of the processes, I might miss some of them a bit, and some of the processes here are complicated, honestly.  The mail is overwhelming, the way they handle it.

Overall, still in a good mood, just impatiently waiting on my boxing setup.  I'm not setting up the classes account until it gets here, b/c it's only 30 days free, so I don't want to start until I can actually start.

Re: Monday?

  • Lordy. They gave you a talking to about not saying good morning? Yeesh. 

    We had a good weekend. Just relaxed at home Friday. Went to the 11am showing Saturday of Avatar. Lord, did I cry my eyes out! The kids wanted to walk around the mall after so we went to get a bite at the Peruvian restaurant. So, so good. Went food shopping, cooked dinner and cried again when the Giants lost (ha..not really, but I wanted to!) 
    Read more of Price Harry's book yesterday, watched more football. Ate way too many of the cinnamon rolls the girls made for breakfast. 

    Snow last night turned into sleet and then back to snow today. No real accumulation but just an annoying mess for the commute today, and the ride home. And then another storm Wednesday. 
  • Weekend was mostly good. I got my Omicron booster on Friday and I think that might be the last one I should get or at the very least no more Moderna. My heart rate was very high all day. And not just 90-100, it was 114-120 for hours. 

    Yesterday was pretty good. We went to brunch with H’s parents for his mom’s birthday then we did a little shopping. I’m trying to gear up to take down the Christmas decor today. It’s just such a daunting task. 

    Being chastised for not saying good morning would irk me too @VarunaTT. I’m not a child. And let me wake up first. 

  • Had a good weekend!

    Saturday we took the kids to the boat show.  Chiquito loved walking around the place and told me that he wants to have his next birthday on a party boat for a lake.
    (We don't live near a lake and the party boat is $130K for a small one but other than that no problem!). 

    That night we chilled out and Chiquito watched Shrek for the first time, I put the kids to bed and watched the Giants get eliminated. 

    Yesterday after church Chiquito and DH went to go work on Pinewood derby cars with the scouts and I cleaned up the bathrooms and floors.  THe house is still so rough but at least I feel good that my bathrooms main areas get a once over once a week.   I read more of Dave Grohl's book that I bought last year and then we went to MIL and FIL's for Chinese food last night to celebrate the Luna New Year. 

    Today  I'm figuring out why I've been invited to a meeting out of state in a week.....does someone want to tell me if I need to fly in 9 days???
  • @banana468 is it possible it was supposed to be a zoom invite for a physical meeting that is still happening?

  • levioosa said:
    @banana468 is it possible it was supposed to be a zoom invite for a physical meeting that is still happening?
    I hope!  I'm not against work travel but on such short notice it's off.  I have a message to the salesman on the account asking what's going on.

    Plus, I think the place where I'm scheduled to have a mammogram last had their regulations at 'no appointments if you were out of state within the last 2 weeks".  I'm going to need to check on this but intend to be a bit squeaky and ask for a bit more time. 
  • Ugh the Bills lost and it was a bummer game yesterday. But other than that the weekend was fun. We took it easy and just hung out most of the time. 

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