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**kicks board** Tuesday

It's the holiday lull, big time, around here.  :)

Not too much to report.  I've almost made it through the entire first episode of The Last of Us.  I watched exH play most of the game, so my anxiety while watching it is high AF, b/c I know what's going to happen mostly.  The first episode I knew would be rough.  Otherwise, I really don't have too much to report.  Still trying to get all of my medical appointments lined up and taken care of.  I have at least 12 more weekly shots for my allergies and then I get to go to once/month.  So, I'm trying really hard not to miss any shots or to push them out more than a week, b/c I want to get this over with.  It IS helping, but man, this has been a journey.

There's literally nothing else going on.  Just reading some books and watching TV when I get home.  Going to bed early.  Turns out my boxing system doesn't really get here for like a month, which is disappointing.  I'm really glad that I read on one of the reviews to not start the free membership until the system was delivered.  I guess until my birthday plans, I don't really have too much to do.  And it's not like I know what I'm doing for my birthday, if anything.  46 is hitting weird.

Re: **kicks board** Tuesday

  • Both boys are finally back at school today and i'm in the office. I have a long lunch meeting and then have to hunker down and be super productive this afternoon since I got put on a real project, yay! 

    I'm starting to make the rounds of free trials at gyms in the area and it's fun. I'm doing spin, HIIT, yoga, barre, and pilates in the next couple weeks. H is going to reinstate his yoga membership too so we'll both be working out more regularly which we both really want/need. I really really want to start running when it's nice out. I haven't been a regular runner in like 10 years and my weight and knees are much worse than they used to be. 

    glad your allergy shots are helping @VarunaTT even if it's a long process!
  • Dentist went really well! No extraction, no root canal.
    Decay was thick but not as deep, so they could do a normal filling :smiley:

    Afterwards I went to my mum's. Ended up sleeping 2hrs omg. I was so exhausted.
    BK stayed at my mum's for the night.

    Weekend was low key.

    Monday I got a haircut.
    While I'm in haircut, M texts me he's picking up BK because she's hurt.
    She hit her chin, and it was bleeding a lot. Ended up with steri-tape but thought it'd be stitches.

    Katie on Instagram: "✂️ ✂️ ✂️ ✂️"
  • Meh. It's honestly just such a boring time of the year. We're now getting all the snow it seems we missed out on this month. Timing will be just great for me to drive home in it tomorrow  :neutral:

    We have a kid free weekend coming up and I'm trying to plan something but's just a boring time of year. Add to that I'm limited to how much walking I can do since I'm still in this boot. Ray of sunshine over here! 
  • We still haven't had an inch of snow accumulation @climbingsingle...I think I read that it's like the driest winter in several decades over here
    @MissKittyDanger glad it was just a filling!

    Midterms week at work.  I oversee and provide testing accommodations to classified students- currently hoarse from all the reading.  But I guess nice to have a change in routine.  High-fiving my past self for making chicken cutlets on Sunday that'll be so nice to serve for dinner tonight, lol
  • Well our organization is getting restructured and while it’s not final yet it looks like our entire team is getting downwgraded; or rather another later is getting added that moves us down. It’s sucks and there’s going to be a lot of backlash. Things never slow down here apparently. 
  • @ei34 so far this year, we've only had a dusting and that was yesterday. Tomorrow says 3-5 but who knows! 
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