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Wintery Wednesday

We finally had some snow that actually accumulated.  I was a little worried because we've had some pretty severe cold the last few weeks, but so far the roads are warm enough that it's melted off the major roadways.  Most people are working from home.  I'm so glad I came in because now I can work in the office in peace and get some pretty massive projects printed out and organized.

Otherwise, SSDD.  Getting ready to make some tea and just back to the grind.  I'm figuring out personalities here and there are a couple that I'm like...ew.  But that's true of any job.  The professional relationships are outstanding though and I love the work.  This is going to be a really good home for awhile.  However, I do need a hobby at home.  

Re: Wintery Wednesday

  • Was coming here to write "wild wedesday" bc it was a theme day at the kids' school, instead of the usual "wacky" it was "wild" for some reason, and the 'fits were indeed that.  But winter works here too, it's freezing.
    Really glad for positive work environment change for you @VarunaTT.  I agree that you'll have the occasional bad egg anywhere, but your former employer sounded absolutely toxic.
    Have to find a time to get my eyebrows waxed, but otherwise extreme SSDD here.
  • I'm battling a mild cold that is annoying me but I think I'm at the "everything is draining" phase.  It's super attractive. 

    We are in the middle of tech week for Chiquita's play and I'm pushing to get the kids to bed early knowing that she's at school from 8:15 til 6 every day until Friday when it's opening night.  

    Now I'm trying to get in the zone of summer planning.  I think this year we're going to send Chiquita to a sleep away camp for a week.   Her GS troop leader will be working there so it's going to have a feeling of being comfortable and now I just need to get all the plans going between that and our actual vacation.

    The word PLAN is a 4 letter word to DH.   

  • Varuna i'm in the same boat today. Most of my team has a much longer commute and with the few inches of snow we got overnight, they're all home! Roads were fine though so i came in and am very much enjoying the quiet. I am SO happy i made the move to a new group. I really love our boss and the 3 other ppl on the team. I'm doing more meaningful and impactful work already and it's just a breath of fresh air.  

    H is gone overnight tonight for work so i am ordering pizza for the boys and we're going to have a picnic in the living room. Hopefully they're in good moods when i pick them up from school! 
  • The forecast for today has changed 25 times since yesterday. When I got up this morning, it was back to 1-3 (they had even already closed all the schools in my county last night). Now it's back to 3-5. Thankfully it will be mostly rain where I work and for most of where I drive through. 
  • We also have snow but that’s less of a surprise in Buffalo. 

    We’re waiting on the news of the org restructuring that we found out about yesterday. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it- I love the work I’m doing but not sure how valued it is to the company. 
  • BK's chin is healing well. We are so surprised the steri-strips are holding so well. One is hanging on for dear life and obv we don't wanna just pull it off her - not just because it would hurt, we also don't wanna ruin any healing process.

    We're about to get nasty weather tonight so I'm 90% sure BK is home tomorrow.

    My next dentist appt is on a day there is a winter thing by us. Sled rides, etc. I'm seeing if my mum wants to go with M & BK - that way when my dentist appt is done, he can go and my mum could watch BK if she wants to stay.
    Otherwise we may have to miss some, or M & BK go later.
  • @charlotte989875 is this all related to the horrible mess you just lived through?  Or different?  I'll keep all my crossables crossed for you, I can't imagine the stress.
  • I’m sorry @charlotte989875. If I remember correctly, didn’t you semi recently move to this new team too? 

    Work today, I can tell I’m already going to run behind as my very first brand new to the practice patient of the day already clocked in late. 

    Trying to figure out weekend plans. I should try to visit my parents on Monday. 

  • i just realized i have a huge splotch of kid boogers on my sweater. Very glad no one is in the office today
  • @charlotte989875 fx it goes well for you! I get the stress.
    Our merger is slow and still in processes :\ 
  • VarunaTT said:
    @charlotte989875 is this all related to the horrible mess you just lived through?  Or different?  I'll keep all my crossables crossed for you, I can't imagine the stress.
    It’s unrelated to that; however a lot of employees (and honestly our team) are seeing it as the company is not invested in this work, which on the heels of what happened last week is like a gut punch. People were victimized and now we’re going to have less authority to support them. 
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