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Galia Lahav Wedding Dress Nightmare. Recommendations?

Hi guys. I would really appreciate some opinions on this.

Back in 2015, long before I was engaged or even in a relationship, I fell head over heels in love with Galia Lahav Couture, specifically the Tullia gown from their Couture Spring 2015 La Dolce Vita Collection.

I eyed the dress for months, I couldn't stop thinking about it... So I decided to go try it on at a trunk show in Potomac. The moment I put it on my body I knew this would be the gown that I one day walk down the aisle in. I ordered the dress on the spot (yes, I'm crazy, it's fine) I paid $10,500 for the gown, custom ordered to my measurements.

Upon arrival, the dress fit like a glove and needed no alterations, I had the dress preserved professionally ( $500 from Prestige Preservations) to ensure the dress was stored safely until that very special day in the unknown future.

Fast-forward to the present, I am a recently engaged bride-to-be and was very excited to open my safely preserved, and adequately stored dream couture wedding gown. Opening the box quickly became a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE.

The floral applique lining the entire bodice of the dress appears to have been glued by the designer, and that glue has turned YELLOW. I am completely shocked to know I paid $10K for a couture gown and the designer used GLUE. (See photos I've attached).

I have had 3 separate professional cleaners that specialize in couture gowns look at the dress with me and each have told me the same thing: the dress was stored properly and that the appliqué was not hand sewn but that it was glued on. The adhesive chemical on the satin stretch silk has turned the fabric yellow. No one will even attempt to clean it. Its hardened, thick glue.

The boutique I purchased the gown from has examined the dress and recommend I reach out to Galia Lahav directly as they no longer have a relationship with the designer. Galia Lahav recommended I reach out to the bridal salon I purchased the gown from as "They are better equipped to assist you in this matter as they have direct access to your purchase details, and they are familiar with the handling and maintenance requirements of the gown and and we hope that they can resolve the issue promptly and to your satisfaction".

I have been in tears over this situation and all parties are pointing fingers at the designer and the designer is pointing right back. I would love nothing more than to have my gown restored/ repaired, or offer to have another dress made for me and for less than $10K!!!

Are my requests reasonable?? The dress is so beautiful otherwise and still fits me like a glove. I want this to be the dress I wear on my wedding day! Any help/ recommendations are greatly appreciated <3

See photos attached:  

Re: Galia Lahav Wedding Dress Nightmare. Recommendations?

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    Oh my gosh I totally see why you’re so upset. That’s a gorgeous dress and that’s definitely not a normal thing to happen to hand sewn appliqués. I’d go back to the designer, with all your purchase details, how it was stored, etc.  I’m sure they do want the boutique to handle it but ultimately it is their product and it appears defective. 

    Do you have any pictures of the dress before you stored it? That might help to show to the store and or designer that it wasn’t damaged when it was preserved and if you can show it was preserved properly hopefully that will get one of them to help you! 
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