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How's everyone?  Baked a ton of mini-cupcakes because two of the teachers I work closely with have birthdays today (one is turning 25!), and the students enjoy celebrating.  But pretty SSDD otherwise.

Re: Tuesday

  • @ei34 that's so nice of you to make so many cupcakes! Sounds yummy :)
  • We had our annual inspection for one of our Section 8 tenants yesterday and passed the first time.  The inspections are extremely detailed and strict.  They're tough to pass on the first go round, so we were happy about that.  This particular tenant has been fantastic.  My H said the home still looks like the day she moved in.  She takes such great care of it and leaves it immaculate.

    We were a bit lucky when she moved in.  The previous fridge had gone kaput.  We were fine with replacing it, but held off because people sometimes have their own.  She did.  She was happy to keep her own fridge and we were happy to not have to replace the previous one.  Win-win.  But my H noticed yesterday that her fridge has an ice-maker, but she can't use it because there isn't a water line.  They are so simple to install.  My H is going to go back this week and do that for her.  She makes our life easier by being such a great tenant and I'm glad we have the opporunity to do something nice for her.

    Work is still a PITA.  I finally got into the new system yesterday afternoon, but there is still a bunch of things that don't work.  I've been doing a lot of playing on my phone and on the Internet yesterday and today because I've been mostly dead in the water.
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  • Mostly SSDD here. Was talking to my mom this morning, and she's apparently already purchased a dress online for a family wedding we have in August. Tells me "it's made in the US, not in China". I checked it out - and it's totally one of those scam sites that uses language to make it seem like it's from the US, when really it's made in China and only shipped from GA. I can't tell you how many times I've talked to her about ordering stuff like this, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Oh well - I guess we'll see what happens if it actually shows up in a few weeks. 

    How is it only Tuesday? 
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    I don't wanna work today.  I'm not unmotivated...I've been working all morning.  I just don't want to be IN the office.  Also, we all kinda freaked out b/c the tornado sirens went off and they usually test Wednesday.  Found out it was a statewide test.

    No big stuff going on.  I'm feeling much better and continue to improve.  I set a goal to work out every day this week.  Doing okay so far, but whew! I'm feeling it.  Thank goodness I have the CBD/THC salve that I use, b/c it really does seem to reduce inflammation and soreness and doesn't have the stench of Icy Hot and works better.  And I'm not mainlining ibuprofen all the time.  I did a class on the 

    I started taking that class from Yale, "The Science of Well Being".  I'll report back on it.  I also picked up the podcast that resulted from it, "The Happiness Lab".  We'll see if I like it, most of the "self-help" podcasts I don't particularly enjoy.  This whole mental health thing always seems to rub me the wrong way, but I also know that's just my damn trauma talking, so here we are.  :D  My therapist told me one time that he had to approach me with logic, I'll disagree, and then come back in two weeks having thought about it and agree with him.  I mean, yay for a great therapist, but also YOU DON'T KNOW ME, okay you do, dammit.

    Oh also, almost a full month using the Athletic Greens.  I like it.  My energy level is a lot higher and constant and my skin is practically glowing and looks great.  I will be getting my bloodwork done soon and I'm interested to see if my vit D is better.  I've been adding the vit D drops to this and I'm hoping the absorption is better with the liquid.  So, I do recommend, I'm pretty sure I have a referral link if anyone wants it, and it IS pricey, but **I** feel like it's worth it.  I've done a little research into other green drinks and there are some with better reviews (not many), but I had to take multiple supplements to hit what AG already did.  I wanted to do LESS supplements, not a green drink and more supplements.

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    That’s great for your H, @Casadena.  I think he’ll really benefit from that.
    my mom does that all the time @climbingsingle.  And then be like “why doesn’t it fit?”
    LOL at “you don’t know me! Ok yeah you do” @VarunaTT.

    speaking of greens, I bought a Ninja Creami and so far love it! Ice cream is great in it, but I’m loving a morning protein shake in a real shake form. I add some “garden vegetables” capsules in that and I can’t taste it. The “milkshake function” isn’t really doing well on my protein powder base, but the “light ice cream” one works well. Healthy shakes at my local place are $9 each and it’s just herbalife.  So after 23 more of these, the machine pays for itself :)

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    These are excellent @casadena
  • I started this in the morning and then work happened. It's still happening. LOL

    It got cold again here.  It's at least sunny today.  

    Work is mostly SSDD.  
  • I just found out that there aren't many cruise lines that leave from US ports, that don't have at least one port visit in a foreign country.  Because, if they visited only US ports or "cruised to nowhere", all the staff on the ship would have to be people authorized to work in the US.  And also have to follow US employment laws.

    I had always thought it was kind of weird that cruises to Alaska stop in either Victoria or Vancouver.  I've heard they are lovely cities but, if I'm going to Alaska, I'd rather spend the extra day there and not stop in SW Canada.  At least now I know the "why", lol.

    There are also cruises that are a r/t from LA to Hawaii, plus a few days in the islands.  They stop at one port in Mexico on the way back for the same reason.
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  • @short+sassy I think that's right and why you can look at a ship and many are listed with foreign ports as their home port despite many departures out of US port cities. 
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