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HELP! Taylor Swift or Husband’s Fraternity Reunion??

I am going to a Taylor Swift concert with 2 of my long distance friends (who were bridesmaids in my recent wedding) the SAME weekend as my husband’s biggest college fraternity reunion. It’s a huge event that they only celebrate every 15 years and of course it was scheduled the same weekend as TSwift. My husband and I got married 6 months ago, and even though he tells me not to worry about it, I know he would rather have me there at least one day with him at this big event and with all his college friends and their spouses. We’re both young (24 years old) so we’ll still be able to go to the next reunion but it’ll be another 15 years. The concert is on a Friday, so I could try to hop on a flight early Saturday morning to make it back at least to spend half a day at the reunion with my husband. However, there are no more flights available to take me early enough for me to make it, so I would have to pay extra to be able to try to squeeze into an early flight at the airport last minute (Delta let’s you take any same day flight that becomes available if you pay extra). Im not sure if the risk is worth it or if I should just not try to make it back in time to go to the reunion. I just feel bad because we just got married and I know he’ll be there by himself wishing I was there while his friends and their spouses/girlfriends will be there. 
I would really appreciate any advice/words of wisdom!!

Re: HELP! Taylor Swift or Husband’s Fraternity Reunion??

  • This is a difficult decision you have to make. I know how hard it is to get those tickets and how expensive they are. It might be good for your marriage to rethink your choice. As a long-married woman (I'm actually a grandmother now), I can tell you that your husband will remember forever the sacrifice you made if you show up for him.

  • I would just go to the concert and have fun. Reunions can be fun for the people reuniting, but they are boring for spouses and dates. He may actually appreciate that he can connect with his friends and not need to be constantly including a spouse who knows no one. He has said that he will be fine if you don't go. Part of marriage is communicating and trusting your partner. You need to be able to take him at his word that he will be fine, and he needs to be able to vocalize if he has a problem. 

    Also, it's really good for married people to do things solo sometimes. 
  • Go to the concert. Agreed that reunions are only fun for the people doing the reuniting. My FI and I even went to the same HS (he was 2 years ahead of me) and we don't attend each other's reunions. 
  • Another one for the concert.  I don't think you have to go to every event for your H and both events are ones that are important to each of you.  This isn't picking a family event and I'm thinking that if you're lucky enough to have scored tickets you should go or sell them to me. 
  • On the assumption you bought your tickets prior to knowing the date of the reunion, I see no reason to change your plans.  While your husband may have been excited to introduce you to old friends, I agree that reunions are much more fun for the alumna than the spouse. 
    There will be other reunions.  You and he could also attend the next homecoming and arrange to meet his "best of" at that event.  No reason you have to wait for the next "official" reunion.
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