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Hump Day

Feels like it should be at least Thursday though :expressionless: how's everyone else?

Re: Hump Day

  • Absolutely should be a Thursday.

    Still fkn tired and I blame my family.

    M was pissy with his computer at like midnight so that woke me up. Then his gd attitude made me wanna smash shit.

    Then BK was up briefly at 6am {alarm goes off at 7am} If I wasn't already still exhausted, I probably would have stayed awake.
    When alarm went off, it was hell waking up again.

    This weekend BK is back at gymnastics, and I've got a bunch of cleaning to do so I'm doing grocery pick up after work Friday to avoid doing the back and forth Saturday and just get shit done.
  • I also feel like it should be Thursday! 

    So last night I went to the car wash on my way home. Got through the wash and realized my sideview mirror cover was ripped off. Thankfully they were able to locate it inside the car wash. I go back out to my car, and realize that at some point (I have no idea when) that someone must have hit my car, because there's a huge scratch/rub mark on the front passenger side of my car. Fantastic. Can't get the mirror cover to go back on because apparently it's broken. 

    Get home. Complain to N about my day to which he then says to me "Uh, babe, there's a huge rip in the ass of your jeans" 

    So that was the rest of my Wednesday. In the good news portion, he was able to get the mirror cover back on. I contacted Old Navy about the jeans (I just bought them in December and have worn them a handful of times) and it sounds like I can get a refund. 

    Hoping for a much better day today! 
  • It's free food at Harrahs day.  So, even though it's only 9am, I'm already looking forward to and thinking about dinner, lol.  I'm going back to the Cake Boss's pizza counter.  I'm debating between the meat lovers that I got last time or the Chicken Bacon Alfredo.  I'm hoping they will let me do a half and half.

    I picked up prescriptions yesterday and a few grocery items.  My thyroid medication was about $20 cheaper, not sure why but cool, and one of my insulins was free again.  Though it was previously only $10 with my insurance discount so not a huge savings, but at least it's something.
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  • @missJeanLouise, it's good to hear from you!  I hope DS is better soon.

    At least you have a girls night out and trip to Dubai to look forward to.  Happy late birthday!
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  • Busy week!  

    Had conferences for both kids yesterday and they have another half day today.  Tomorrow Chiquita has therapy and there's a thing at Chiquito's school and Friday is fish fry and stations.  The weekend weather looks bad and I'm hoping it's a good movie night on Saturday because Chiquito earned time to watch HP and the Order of the Phoenix which we finished Monday  night. 

    We're trying to get a vacation planned so now I just need to get DH to physically LOOK at the options.  He thinks plans are 4 letter words but some of this stuff needs to get booked dude! 
  • @missJeanLouise, I love stitchfix.  Some items were priced well, but I agree, some of it overpriced.
    @climbingsingle, I really need a car wash.  Thanks for reminding me. Sorry about the shitty day though!
    I have a first world problem.  Mugler was running a 20% off sale the last few days and I was debating on getting some stuff. This morning I got a “sale extended, shop hours left!” at 9.  Ok.  This is a sign! It’s my mom’s birthday and I could throw some perfumes in her gift.  So I go to the site but they’re not showing sale prices and the free gifts (my main reason for wanting it).  I email them and ask “was this email sent out as a mistake? Your site isn’t reflecting those prices”
    got a quick reply with “we’re sorry, the sale ended last night”.
    ”thanks for letting me know. Your website it also advertising the sale and gifts”.
    read; honor it.
    me and my 1st world problems.  But I completely forgot about birthday gifts to buy!

  • I forgot my other happy news, even if it's a bit salty.

    Overall, I like and get along with my coworkers.  But there are two exceptions.

    I found out this morning that one of them is retiring and today is her last day.  Buh-bye!  She has been rude and patronizing to me on a few occasions.  

    Though I was a bit surprised because she is fairly young.  I don't know her exact age, but probably somewhere in her 50s.  Good for her, we should all be so lucky!  I sincerely mean that.  I don't wish her ill.  Just glad I don't have to see or talk to her ever again.
    You just described my DREAM with annoying coworker.
     She won’t retire, she’s only 53, but she complains every day about her job and how she should just quit. And how she’s so important and every one will be so sorry if she did (really she says that). Stop dangling that carrot, lady, and do it!!!
    but yeah - back to you.  Yay you! Calls for a pizza at Cake Boss kinda night.  Lol. 

  • Happy belated birthday! @missJeanLouise

    I agree with everyone. Yesterday felt like two days in one and it deserves to be Thursday today lol. @climbingsingle what a terrible day. 

    It’s our one year anniversary tomorrow and we’re debating what to do. We probably shouldn’t spend the money but I’d like to go stay down in the wine country near us. 

    Otherwise, just bracing myself for the rest of the week. 

  • Thanks everyone 

    Happy anniversary @levioosa. Maybe there will be a Groupon or something that would make spending money on a trip sting a little less? You definitely deserve a little relaxation. 
  • @levioosa happy anniversary! Can't believe it's been a year already! 
  • I drank a nighttime theraflu last night and slept SO WELL in the guest bedroom. Feeling good today. 

    Trying to figure out what's going on with G and if it's more serious than "i'm a typical crabby 3 year old who is still adjusting to a new classroom situation".

    Trying to figure out what to do for lunch today bc i didn't bring anything. 
  • Anyone here have spotify? I love that it makes playlists for me but sometimes I have so many questions because there will be 80% theme with 20% weird a.f making it super unhinged but also really good?

    Current playlist - 80% Lin-Manuel Miranda influenced items {Moana, Hamilton, Tik Tik Boom} then 20% is just random a.f because BK likes to hear Goofy Movie Soundtrack and Bluey soundtrack lmfao

    Like it's not bad but it's mildly unhinged because I listen on shuffle.

    Last 4 songs?
    "What Did I Miss?" Hamilton
    "On the Open Road" Goofy Movie
    "How Far I'll Go" Moana
    "Faeries" Bluey
  • Happy anniversary @levioosa!  I hope you can get away because travel is priceless, but I also totally understand stressing about the cost of it.  

    I was off today and am off the rest of last week.  DH is in ATL until tomorrow morning.  DefConn's on break. FIL picked him up yesterday and kept him overnight.  I went to M+L's for dinner and company last night.  

    I stayed in bed until after 11am today.  It was glorious and felt like a luxury, LOL.  DefConn and I got our hairs done this afternoon and then it's been a fairly chill evening.  

    The weather has been, and continues to be, crap.  I did manage to squeeze in walks on Monday and Tuesday, and am damn proud I went out even though DH has been OOT.  Work has been pretty low-key recently, but I don't think it's going to stay that way.  But I am happy because my jury duty for next week was canceled.  On one hand, I was interested in being 'part of the process', on the other, the timing was horrible.  
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