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Why didn't y'all talk to each other about your plans?

Dear Prudence,

My best friend and I got engaged around the same time, we ended up booking our wedding at the same venue, and now things feel very tense. I ended up moving my date to make them further apart (they are originally only a few weeks apart). I have no problem with a wedding being at the same venue, it is just a building. However, my friend seems to be taking it very hard. We weren’t open about our planning/venue choices so it’s no one’s fault. However, I did not think the chosen venue was on her radar since she initially told me it was too small when the place was brought up at one point. I thought things were resolved and it was ok; however, she is being very distant and short with me. Sometimes she won’t even answer a text or takes hours/days to respond. I don’t really know how to handle the situation anymore; I don’t want to keep approaching her if she doesn’t want to speak with me. Is this petty behavior?

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Re: Why didn't y'all talk to each other about your plans?

  • Just talk to her. If this is your best friend, you should be able to have a direct conversation with her about this. 
    If she really is pissed about it, yeah it's petty. 
  • Why don't you pick up the phone and talk to her about the perceived difference?  And something isn't adding up so why can't you talk to her about what is going on and if she thinks this is a way to try to keep the weddings as a competition between the two of you? 

  • I would be elated my BFF and I picked the same place!

  • You’ve done all you can and you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re f she has feelings about it but won’t share them with you there’s nothing to be done. Let it be. 
  • I already saw this movie.
    That was intentionally same place though ;) Plaza is an icon
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    I already saw this movie.
    I actually love Bride Wars! 😝
  • I already saw this movie.
    That was intentionally same place though ;) Plaza is an icon

    I briefly dated a guy in college who was obsessed with getting married at the San Juan Capistrano Mission church.  The actual church on the mission grounds is very historic (1776) and beautiful, although tiny.  But they don't usually have services there and no weddings.

    He was talking about the much more modern church that was built nearby and associated with that Mission.

    He purposely started attending that church when he was 22 (22!?!?) because weddings are always booked up there, but the longer a person has been a member the more priority they get to have a wedding.  He wanted to be ready for when he met the right woman.

    I like a guy who is organized and plans for the future.  But...uhhh...that was a little creepy and a bit much.
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    Is she maybe taking a bit longer than usual to answer texts because she is planning a wedding and is busy?  LW might be reading into it?

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