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Last work Monday of May

Anyone else excited for an upcoming long weekend?

Weekend was nice- it poured all day Saturday which led to a lot of deep cleaning and down time.  Yesterday the opposite of Saturday, tons of outdoor time between a 5K color run (the kids were disappointed that they weren't rainbow head to toe), gardening (fingers crossed it's finally warm enough to have planted the vegetables) and a birthday pizza party for my cousin's son.  Wishing everyone a good week!

Re: Last work Monday of May

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    Weekend was good. We took puppy to his first agility class. He did really well. I think this will be great for him - get him around other dogs and physically/mentally challenge him. We got lots of stuff done indoors and outdoors this weekend. I drove up to Chicago yesterday and will be here until Wednesday morning. I've already prepped a meatloaf for dinner tonight and will take the twins to their speech therapy appointment this afternoon. DD is working and the nanny won't have to wake up the toddler to take them to their appointment. The two year old has grown a bunch in the last month. He is definitely a big boy now!
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    Very excited for the long weekend. H and I are going to a Cubs game on Saturday and spending the night downtown and i'm super excited for a night away together. If we can plan everything right I'd like to drop bags at the hotel, see a limited exhibit at the art museum across the street, then head north to Wrigleyville to bar hop and eat before the game at 6. 

    Weekend was good and busy. IL's all came over on Saturday for brunch and it was really nice. Food was good and everyone hung out all afternoon outside - the boys and their little cousin who's 15 months had a blast playing with the slides and the water table! I made good progress on the half bath yesterday - removed the weird glass shelf, cleaned, and test painted a portion of the tile. It looks super good so hopefully it holds up!

    I'm getting serious about diet changes and exercise. Seeing a few pics that were taken over the weekend were a little bit of a shock to the system - definitely don't like. Brought workout clothes to go to the (free) gym at lunch that I obviously dont' use enough. 
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    Color runs look fun @ei34, I’d want to be blasted by color too.  Lol.
    @Casadena I want before and after pics of the tile! It’s hard to picture.

    Sunday was a bust.  Did nothing.  Saturday was a day trip to Michigan, but the weather was yuck.  We went to a winery as a last stop and I don’t think anyone super cared for it but one of seven of us (I had a glass only because I was there. I can always give or take on them).  The organizer tries to find wineries in places because her sister, co-organizer, loved them, but last year had a health scare so really stopped drinking wine and the organizer never really drank to begin with.
    Yesterday the organizer asked me to plan a small midwest town trip and I threw out some options.  She asked if I wanted to head to some wineries that were 2 hours away from it! I get that wineries are not all about wine and the scenery and live music is always nice- but I don’t think she’s picked up on the fact that her sister stopped drinking at these places. Only one person really enjoys them and she’s very go with the flow. They’re fine and all, but we’re not driving 2 hours out of the way for one! Plus, didn’t you ask ME to plan this?

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    So excited for a long weekend! 

    Had a fun weekend. Went to my cousin's daughter's bridal shower. The rain sucked - we were all seated outside under a big tent. But we had fun and the food was good. After that we took N's son out for sushi for his birthday dinner. 
    Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands, cleaned, did laundry, etc. 

    Hope this week goes fast!
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    I am completely exhausted and overwhelmed.  I feel like I am drowning at work and IRL with all the demands on my time and attention. I am sitting in on a training today and cannot pay attention at all.  And this one supervisor from another area is about to get a piece of my mind if he says one more dickish thing to me, especially since he's asking my team for help. 

    I am feeling somewhat better, but not all the way better.  Still dealing with congestion and it's very frustrating.  Also, AF did show up yesterday so I'm hoping that's part of my whole...thing today. I also slept like garbage because I am so stressed out. 

    And then, last night DefConn and I went through a scary incident with my dad.  He's fine now and didn't have to be taken to the hospital, but we did have to call paramedics to my house.   I did tell my friend L that I was grateful she reminded me how to do a stroke test recently. 

    Thankfully, it's the last week of school.   The weekend was OK.  Did a lot of running around Saturday and DefConn had a band concert yesterday. DH went to the track to watch Indy 500 quals with his dad and the kiddo all day yesterday. He had suite tickets from work. 

    I am off next week, thankfully.  But I have a lot to do this week work-wise to be able to enjoy my time off.  

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    sorry things are overwhelming right now @mrsconn23, hope next week can help alleviate some of that

    @charmedpam I will definitely do before and after pics when i'm finished! Everyone IRL seems very confused when i tell them I'm painting tile, lol. 

    @ei34 - how is your sister and her family doing? I know they were going through a rough time and i've been thinking about all of you recently. 
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    So excited for the long weekend. I’m taking Friday off and going to the spa. I was basically in bed all weekend with a miserable cold, hoping to clear up soon. 
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    Happy anniversary @charlotte989875.  I saw Avett Bros last summer.  Such a great show.  :) 
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    ei34ei34 member
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    Happy anniversary / week off @charlotte989875!
    Thanks @Casadena my BIL came home a few weeks ago, he seems okay, even at yesterday's party we were laughing like we used to.  My sister is really glad that he is home, parenting young kids alone is hard.
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    @mrsconn23 I'm so sorry and if you ever come to New England (you know...add that to your schedule of tasks) I'll raise a glass to you.   Being a working parent and having aging relatives is a major stress combo and they all need you.  Solidarity sister.

    My ILs are in the process of moving and DH is supremely frustrated - because they have half a plan.  They're getting their home on the market to sell and do not have plans for where to go next.  And both DH and I think that they aren't prepared at all to do this but are refusing to hear his different opinions.  

    The weekend was decent.  Chiquita and I stayed up and watched Nanny McFee on Friday, Saturday I was the substitute cantor for church and took Chiquita out to dinner at a nice Italian place in town.  Sunday she had horseback riding and then a soccer game and DH and Chiquito camped IN THE RAIN until Sunday at 12:30.  

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    @mrsconn23 I'm sorry! I hope things get better 

    @charlotte989875 happy anniversary! 
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    Also, my feed this weekend is filled by people who took their kids to Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium and I'm grateful that I did not buy tickets.   
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    As if this could not be more of a Monday, my underwire popped out of my left bra cup (my fave non-sports bra to boot) and I got a good jab in the armpit.  I pulled it out, so hopefully I don't look too lopsided the rest of the day.  Ugh.  
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