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Sometimes it feels like my life is comprised of minor annoyances.  Which I suppose is a lot better then when major ones happen.  Just to name a few:

For our part-time hotel event board picture gig, my scheduler was hassling me about one of the properties on our route.  That we already informed them about eons ago.

I stopped for dinner at Rally's yesterday because I've been wanting to try their Fry-Seasoned chicken strips.  A bit heavily breaded for my preference, but really good flavor and larger/more meaty than I was expecting.  My T-Mobile Tuesday freebie today?  A free 3-piece Fry-Seasoned chicken strips, lol.  If I had just waited one more day, I would have saved $6.  I'm still going to use the coupon this week!  But I wouldn't have gone yesterday, had I known.

Hopefully that just means the rest of my day will be smooth sailing, lol.  Hope you all are having a good one.
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