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Never received giftcards

On My registry I have gift cards and it says they have been purchased but I never received them. It has been a month. Has this happened to anyone else?

Re: Never received giftcards

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    This happened to us as well, gift cards from all different vendors through the registry. Some were purchased as far back as April. Every other item except the gift cards has been received. When tracking the shipment of the gift cards, the number is invalid and way too short to be a tracking number. I tried using the number as a redemption code but most places require a pin too, so that’s not it. Very frustrating.

    edit: I should also note that we haven’t received any emails related to redemption of the gift cards either. Checked the Spam folder too.
  • We didn’t get ours either. They are for air bnb and delta. Did you all find out how to get them?
  • Same.  
    I just put in a help ticket.  We got gift cards for shutterfly for our April wedding.  i'm making the book now that we have photos back and I realized we haven't gotten the gift cards.  If I dont get them by tomorrow pm, we can't use them, because the coupon on shutterfly expires :-(
  • We’re having the same problem. Were you able to figure something out through the knot? 
  • Did anyone ever get this issue resolved? Dealing with the same thing myself.
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