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Tired Tuesday

Anyone else?  Maybe it's the dreary weather, bc I slept alright.  Or maybe it's the meeting after work, counseling, and softball this evening looming.  But the rest of the week should be uneventful. 

Re: Tired Tuesday

  • Very tired! I had an early PT appt, was up at 5 to shower, but back to bed till my alarm went on at 6:45. I’m wfh so can grab some cat naps here and there.
    It’s freezing in my place. I hate this time if the year.  I hate switching from the a/c to the heat.  When I switch, it’s a permanent one lol. My house warms or cools per outside temps, and there’s never a time when the unit can be shut off like I hear people say they do. It’s so cold in the morning but warms up to upper 70’s during the day, so I just don’t want to put the heat on yet! 
    Ok.  I think I’m done complaining. 

  • I've been awake and working super early the last 2 days. I've wanted to snooze, but I've just tossed and turned and ended up looking at my phone.   

    I have to go to the office on Thursday and I have to come up with a snack or dessert to bring in with me.  Ugh. 

    It's dreary and raining, but we really need the rain so I'm trying not to be too blerg about it. 

    I have today's wordle and DH is one letter off.  It's killing him.  LOL  

    SSDD otherwise.  
  • @ei34, I feel tired every day, lol.  Today is my usual level of tired.

    Count down to my vacation!  I leave Thursday night.  I'm finishing packing today.  I'm picking up my monthly prescriptions tomorrow at Walmart so, if I'm out of or forgetting anything during the packing, it'll be easy to grab it there.

    We'll be in the Seattle for the first few days and the weather is looking great!  Mid 70s.  Little chance of rain, which is especially great considering it's the Pacific Northwest.
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  • yep,
    Weather cooling off and today is very grey :( BK was excited to wear her sparkly pink raincoat. She hasn't said anything, but I know she would like black rain boots because her new fave umbrella is pink with black polka dots. I'm not buying yet, her boots are fine lol

    Cough still there but slowly dissipating. At least is slowly going. I sleep better now.
  • I would really like to WFH tomorrow, but I'm unsure with the new co-worker being here.  I need the time away from the office though; bossman is kinda making me batty and I have some "I need to concentrate and get all the way through this" stuff to do.  I also just completely fell all the way down in the break room, hitting my knee first.  This was not an elegant moment on my part.  

    Otherwise, SSDD.  Not too much to report.
  • I actually slept pretty well last night, thank god. So not feeling as tired as I normally do. 

    Can't wait for work to be over. I'm going to see my nephew tonight and get to meet my brother and SIL's new dog. So excited! 
  • It's still hot and humid here, which is keeping me blerg. Hopefully better by the weekend, but we'll see. MIL gets in tonight, because inviting her for the weekend means she shows up on Tuesday. :eyeroll:

    I really need to plan a vacation. I have 5 more days that I haven't yet scheduled this year that I'll lose if I don't take, and I don't want to just take them to sit around the house. I'm thinking of doing a mountain cabin in October in North GA or in the smokys/Asheville area. I should get it together and plan it. 
  • Hope you have the best time, @short+sassy
    I would LOVE a mountain/cabin getaway in the fall @MyNameIsNot. It’s something I always wanted to do but never got around to booking anything.

  • Also very sleepy today. Was up late watching the Bills blow a winnable game (congrats @ei34!) work is just crazy busy right now. I contemplated going out to nap in my car but I just didn’t have time. Now it’s raining so I’m stuck here until I brace the elements to go home. 
  • @charlotte989875, I hear your disappointment!  There was a lot of excitement in NOLA when the Saints opened the season with a win against the Titans on Sunday.  But that game actually made me really concerned.  The Titans aren't a very good team in the NFL and we barely beat them.

    I was reading an article that ranked the NFL teams from worst to best for the upcoming season.  In reference to how poor all the teams are in the NFC South this year, they sarcastically voted the Saints "Most Likely to go to the Playoffs with a Losing Record".
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