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Ask for a re-shoot

Dear Prudence,

A friend of mine is a great filmmaker and I LOVE his photo work. I asked him for a photoshoot for a business I am starting. He agreed, but stipulated that he would not allow me to look at the monitor during the photoshoot. I felt comfortable enough that he would take care of me. I paid over $2000 for the space rental and photos … and I hate them all. Mainly because little adjustments like suck it in, back straight, put your shoulders down weren’t given to me. I am mad at myself for allowing the shoot to happen this way, but seething at him too. I have not been able to talk to him. He’s sent messages and I’ve told him, I’m just not ready. I have a different photographer who will get me right for the business, but is my friendship over? I’m still so angry. What should I do?

Re: Ask for a re-shoot

  • If you’re going to mix businesses with pleasure, set your expectations.  When I found out my friend was using her semi-pro but not really pro friend as a wedding photographer I was like eeeeek. But she said she wasnt big on wedding photos and didn’t care how they turned out.
    me on the other hand - wedding photos were a huge thing for me 

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