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This LW is way too involved

Dear Prudence,

I work in student affairs and recently my work bestie left to pursue another job. We had such a great relationship; however, I fear I ruined it. He told me, a couple of hours before it was announced to the rest of the department that he got a new job. I asked if our supervisor knew and what her reaction was, and our supervisor was thrilled. I went to our supervisor to celebrate him, and instead of a positive reaction, my supervisor called and told him he was not supposed to tell anyone in front of me. I apologized to him for what happened, and he accepted it but told me he told me not to talk about it with anyone. According to our supervisor, he had told another person before, and that person was going around telling everyone. During the last couple of weeks, he’s been spacey to me, and he recently proposed to his girlfriend, whom I adore. I posted something about it, and she reposted it, but he didn’t. He reposted everything else that people were saying. I am going to be honest, I was a little blindsided as well that he didn’t tell me it was happening. This friend, we will call him Bill, has many friends he is close to, but they treat him like crap. Prudence, I am feeling very lost that I have lost a friend. I am also feeling that he will no longer trust me. What can I do to make amends with him?

Re: This LW is way too involved

  • Why are you talking/ posting so much about other peoples lives??  The job thing- maybe a slight mistake, but the engagement news? No way that’s totally weird and out of line. 

    Apologize for overstepping and make a real effort not to do it again. 
  • Jesus. No wonder he's pushed you away. 
  • This is one where I'd like to see the friend's letter. Dear Prudie, my former coworker might be obsessed with me. She posted about my engagement on her social media! I even had to leave this job to get away from her, but she's still calling and texting all the time. 
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