Wedding Woes

"I used to exclusively date women."

Dear Prudence,

l have been in a long-term lesbian relationship with a wonderful person. Recently, l have discovered that l want to date men and no longer have an interest in women. As l pursue future relationships, how should I talk about my past one? I want to be honest, but l want to make sure any new partner knows l am committed completely.

—Starting Over

Re: "I used to exclusively date women."

  • Can we also bash the notion that being attracted to more than one gender equates to wanting to date them all at the same time? 

    I think if it comes up you say that you previously had relationships only with women because that can make you honest to your partner about sexual experiences and preferences but I think LW is also doing a disservice in the phrasing. 
  • You don't date people who think your previous attraction to another gender means you're not committed to them.  That's their insecurity and issues talking, not yours, LW.

    There, easy. LW is bi/pan and don't have to deal with people who are bi/pan-phobic.
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