Wedding Woes

There has to be more to this.

Dear Prudence,

My (25F) partner of five years (29M) was helping me and my parents move a piece of furniture that belonged to my grandmother over to our new home. He thought (correctly) that the mirror on the piece would fit in his trunk if he closed it a few times. My mom got extremely angry even though nothing broke, and has been claiming for days that he doesn’t respect anything (the furniture) and by relation, must not be treating me well in our relationship. He claims he wasn’t being disrespectful because he would have done the same to any piece of furniture, he knew it would fit, and sees no reason to apologize. I know he didn’t have ill intentions, but I don’t know what it will take for my parents to realize this. They really liked him before all this and I don’t know what to do.

—Mirror, Mirror

Re: There has to be more to this.

  • Do nothing. He did nothing wrong, broke nothing, and that’s that. 
  • Can you talk to your parents and ask them what's really bothering them?  Was he very aggressive?  Was he arrogant with your parents?  Talk to them to try to peel back that onion to get a deeper understanding. 
  • Yeah.  That’s a HUGE jump. 

  • Yah this is odd- unless he was slamming the trunk to the point where it’s just sheer luck nothing broke then I’d see the concern, but just putting a mirror in and there being zero problems, this feels like missing information or the parents are just looking for reasons to dislike him 
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