Wedding Woes

Happy Friday!

And happy annual BBW candle sale day to all who celebrate ;)  

Had our final parent/teacher conference last night, phew.  Grading tonight, errands and swim meet tomorrow, and going into the city for the tree and the Radio City Spectacular on Sunday, which we're all really excited for.  Wishing everyone a weekend with some fun and/or restful moments!

Re: Happy Friday!

  • A line to buy candles?!? 

    It's a good thing we just don't burn through them in our house.  DH is so sensitive to smells that we only use a candle for a short time before it bothers his eyes and throat.  This year I bought a fir tree scented reed diffuser and hope that's better. 
  • I may part-take next year.
    My mum is getting me this ... idk how to explain well but it's like a little lamp to melt candles.
    It's kinda like a scentsy idea but it's on top and can do for candles also.
    I love candles but between BK and Kylo, I can't have them lol

    SFIL's dad passed last night peacefully.
    The hospital kept him comfortable, so he was okay.

    No word on arrangements but I told M that regardless of situation, he's going to funeral and I'll at least go to the wake.
    Times/dates are not always easy because of BK and my surgery.

    My mum wants to try and do the wake at least - pay respects etc - but has said she can watch BK for funeral if she can.
  • It's not too cold, but it's cloudy today.  I could take a nap at any second. 

    I'm so ready for the school semester to be over.  We're all running out of steam regarding school shit.  

    We're having dinner with an old friend of DH's tonight.  Tomorrow, L and I are having a baking day.  Sunday, I have no idea.  I need to start wrapping stuff.  Orders are going to be coming in hot and heavy over the next week or so.  Also, BIL comes back tomorrow, so I need to get in his room and dig out my wrapping supplies so I'm not bothering him when he's back.  

    I wish I could be more excited it's Friday, but I'm so tired.  I'm hoping to get decent sleep tonight so I have energy for tomorrow. 
  • @MyNameIsNot, I'm sorry to hear about your job!  Hopefully it opens a door to something even better.  At least you have a good chunk of time to look, but I know it will be stressful until you find something else.  Good luck!

    @MissKittyDanger, I'm sorry to hear about your SFIL.

    @levioosa, sending out good vibes to your mom.  I sure hope it's benign and she doesn't have to make that kind of decision.  I hope she's taken her own advice and is seeing a therapist for her depression.

    Not much going on.  I've been super busy at work the last few days and it's been stressful.  I'm going to especially try to lay low this weekend.
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  • A lot going on for the knotties.  Virtual hug for all that need them!

  • Yes I agree with @CharmedPam

    Tomorrow we are going to see DS2 for the weekend. We will be visiting a Christmas village we have been trying to see for the past two years. The weather has been too bad to go previously. This year looks better. Today is rainy and cold here but rain should stop by tomorrow. We will also stop at some outlets to go to the Lindt store and buy chocolates for Christmas stockings. Yesterday we went to the Christkindle market nearby. We ate and bought sweets. LOL just what I didn't need to do.

    I plan on starting to wrap next week because we are gone the next three weekends. We are also hosting our church book club on the 18th so I will need to get the house ready for that. Thankfully I am not hosting my other book club this December.
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