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Need help with cocktail hour!

We are very fortunate that a family friend helped us get our venue for free. It’s a beautiful old gym. We plan to convert the ceremony space into the reception space during the cocktail hour. The cocktail hour will be in a room right next door to the gym with a recently renovated patio off of it. The patio is beautiful stone and has hanging lights. My dilemma is this- we are doing everything completely ourselves. I want the bar to be set up in the reception room for the reception. However I also want to have the bar available in the room where the cocktail hour will be held. We are buying all the alcohol and will have to buy the bar as well. Would it be too much to move the bar setup to the reception area after the cocktail hour? What would be a good solution for this? I hope this makes sense because I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure it out. 

Re: Need help with cocktail hour!

  • Can you keep the bar near the door to the location of the cocktail hour so the balance of the room can be converted to the reception and guests can continue to get drinks?  

    Alternatively I'd have a partial bar set up for the cocktail hour as a table with glasses and the drinks most people want and if someone asks for something different see if a bartender can run in and get it. 
  • If the cocktail room is right next door, why can't it just stay there? Plenty of weddings have the bar in a separate area from the food.
  • You could also close the bar during dinner and move it then. 
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