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Prudie Day

Happy Friday Eve! 
This week is going so slow. Last week felt quick so I guess that’s fair, lol. How’s everyone?

Re: Prudie Day

  • So far so good!  Working onsite. Got a good parking spot, stopped at DD for coffee & bagel and found a drop-in office with a great set-up.  Win!

    It's raining this morning but supposed to stop later with highs in the 50s - unbelievable for Feb in MN.  Temps will drop in the next couple of days so we'll enjoy it now.
  • I think we’re done with the atmospheric river finally. There’s a lot of flooding in places. We don’t usually get this much rain, and especially not all at once. I’m worried we might have to get into it with our neighbor. He did some illegal work on his property which has resulted in our garage flooding. There’s a solution but he isn’t responding to our calls or texts. Neighbor drama sucks. Poor H was outside the last four days and most of the nights trying to make sure the pump was working well and emptying the drainage bins which were filling up almost as fast as he was emptying them. It rained so much our yard stopped absorbing water too. 

    Work the next two days. I’m over it. Give me the weekend. 

  • Well, the couch discussion is on hold, because I just took advantage of a President's Day sale to buy a new bed frame/mattress.  I'm very thankful.  I hate, Hate, HATE the bed I have.  I bought it with K and it's just massive and have underbed storage, b/c K was such a hoarder with everything that we needed the extra storage.  The new bed frame can lift the head/feet and that will be so nice on days when my allergies are really acting up.  Plus maybe I can start reading in bed again, which I love doing, but the bed I have now is not comfortable for that.  And it's 4" or more off the ground, which means I can get cat toys easily and clean easily too.  Then the new mattress, which is a hybrid and has cooling on it, so hopefully my sciatica nerves on both sides will stop hurting and night sweats will be a bit easier.  Plus it came with bedding and pillows, mattress protector, and extended warranty.  I can live with some uncomfortable couches a bit longer.

    Otherwise, SSDD.  Not too much going on, just grinding away at work and life.

  • Good morning.  This week is crazy with meetings and projects that have popped up.  I'm looking over Prudie now.  :)  

    Just waiting on FRI-YAY otherwise.  
  • Currently waiting at my 6- week post op appointment. Really hoping I can get cleared to work out again! 

    It’s beautiful in Buffalo today (as in partly cloudy and 50s) so we’re planing on taking M to the playground after school today! J and I are planning a longer walk in the partial sun. 
  • Good day!  I'm having lunch with a coworker.  I have work to do to keep me busy, but nothing urgent or stressful.

    I did decide to catch the Muses parade tonight and am excited about that!  My H is taking the bus tonight and meeting me at work.   I am prepped and ready.  I brought a cuter outfit to change into and have bottled water/folding chairs in the car.

    Next week is going to be pretty great also.  Tuesday is the actual Mardi Gras day, which is a holiday at my work.  And then the Monday and Wednesday surrounding it are my WFH days.
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  • Yay for new bed @VarunaTT! I would love another one.  Mine is wooden slats and my ex broke it.  Not saying I wouldn’t have, because both of us weighed the same-ish, me more probably at one point, but I’m a lot more elegant in my take offs and landings :) Metal slats next time! I can’t come to terms in buying a new one because I love mine. 

    I completely lost my voice. My parents are sick as well and are just leaving today instead of tomorrow.  But they put up my new smart TV in my workout room! I never had roku in there, so hopefully with all my streaming options available I’ll be more prone to use it. My old one was a smart TV but only supported a few devices and the lowest Netflix subscription wasn’t one of them.  It needed the boot. 

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    Feel better @CharmedPam !  Yay for the new bed @VarunaTT I hope that it's more comfortable.  Enjoy tonight @short+sassy and enjoy all the unseasonably warm weather to all who are also experiencing it- it's in the mid-high 40s here and sunny, so nice!
  • @VarunaTT That new bed sounds amazing.  So many nice features and a deal.  I suppose the fancy orange couch can wait.
    Just absolutely crazy at work.  They have really overloaded me.  I'm taking a mental break right now to read some Prudie.  I have another interview with a different company on Tuesday, and if I get the job I am going to miss out on about two weeks of work that I just got booked for.  So .... we'll see how that goes, lol.  
    Also, my chickens have been LOUD today.  I think just because I'm stressed I just notice them talking to each other outside more, but it was just really getting on my nerves.  I went outside and yelled at them for fighting over sneaking into the rabbits' pen.  My neighbours definitely think I'm crazy.  

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