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How do you know when your boyfriend is paying you genuine compliments or is trying to set you up for failure? My boyfriend says I look better with a little bit more weight on me (about 10 pounds) and that my face glows more, but every time I lose those 10 pounds I get lots of compliments. This includes from men, and a girlfriend’s boyfriend actually said, “Wow you look great.” So is my boyfriend trying to sabotage me and make me less attractive? Is this a red flag toward future abuse?

Re: Wut

  • Wow at the last two sentences. Time for therapy because you just made Grand Canyon sized leaps. 
  • Of course the b/f is trying to sabotage the LW because we all know that everybody has exactly the same taste in how people look//s.

    I'm assuming the LW is pretty young.  I wish I could give her my old lady words of wisdom that life gets better when you stop caring so much about what other people think about your looks.

    What weight do YOU like best, LW?  Choose that one.
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