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Re: Friday?

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    Last day before February break so the students are as off the walls as you’d imagine.  Lots of fun things plus hopefully some rest planned so I’m looking forward to it.  How’s everyone else?
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    Tired again!  Work stress wakes me up at 4 AM but I managed to fall back asleep. 

    Saturday we have basketball tournament games for Chiquito, DH has his own trivia tournament and I intend to come home and clean house.  I'm going to scrub the kitchen floor and can't wait.  My hope is to make a decent dinner or nap - we'll see which happens.

    Sunday is the Daytona 500 and Chiquita needs to work on her GS Derby car.  She also needs to pack to both camp and snow tube on Monday and I need to sign up Chiquito for baseball camp while the kids are off Mon and Tues.  
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    We spent yesterday at the hospital. They admitted my grandmother as I expected they would. I got a little miffed at SIL because I was texting her about hating to call off of work and she was like “is she alert? Leave.” Like no? I’m not going to leave my 90 year old grandmother in an ER hallway alone? There were hours where no one even checked on her. Her pump kept occluding and I kept fixing it. And this is at the “good” hospital. Sometimes SILs selfishness is just…

    Anyways, back to the hospital today. I think they’ll keep her a few days. Otherwise not too much else is going on. 

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    Oh no @levioosa, I’m sorry to hear this.  You’re an awesome grandchild for going and staying.

    I made an appointment for my hair at 5 today, and was going to log off early, but then I got the email for an early dismissal today so I won’t even have to.  I forgot about the long weekend and I have nothing to do for it, usually I plan for something. 
    Saturday is a big day in the city with a museum tour, lunch, and show.  Glad I have that at least. 

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    It is snowing here but it shouldn't be too much. My sons are going to DD's the weekend for "Uncle" weekend. DIL is going too so I guess Aunt and Uncle weekend is more accurate. The grandsons are beyond excited. I can't wait to hear all about it. I had an 8 am board meeting then I worked out. I also started a Lent daily activity (forgot the last two days). One of them is a coloring book. I did one page but most of the pages are for kids. I'm planning on sharing it with the twins when I go up in a week. We have a great family minister that puts all this stuff together for families during the different church seasons and for special Sundays.

    Low key weekend. Just planning on staying inside and out of the cold.
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    It's been busy.

    Yesterday my anxiety was absolute shit. I got pulled over for the first time - plate renewal, and i thought I had until my bday this year but it was last year.

    Anyways it's an easy fix and already done. 

    Today is better.
    BK has a long weekend and apparently she was tired, she didn't wake up until nearly 10 {M was gonna go up and get her at 10}
    I slept through my alarm also, so must be the day lol

    Tomorrow BK is having a friend over for playdate. I gotta text the mom later about to confirm and give address.
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    Slow work day thankfully. On the upswing sick wise but still not close to 100%. Making soup and bread for dinner tonight and trying to get a little cleaning done this afternoon if i feel up for it. SIL coming over tomorrow afternoon to see the boys, my parents coming Sunday so they can babysit Monday when the kids don't have school - neither H or I get Monday off. 
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    I've got to do all of the final party planning stuffs and cleaning.  I'm putting my bed frame together tomorrow and I have to figure out what to do with the old frame.  I'd really like to burn it, but I don't think that's an option.  No other plans.

    My new keyboard is wild.  It's 2 separate pieces.  I think I'm liking it, but it's taking a bit to get used to.  It is more comfortable b/c I'm not pushing my hands together, but a lot of things feel weird and I don't think I've ever used my left thumb on the space bar except maybe in gaming.

    Open photo 

    Otherwise, SSDD.
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