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Happy Friday all! Schools by us have been off this week, but glad for everyone else that the end of the week is here. Hoping there are some plans for rest and/or fun this weekend!

And healthy vibes to everyone who’s had sick kids or isn’t feeling well themselves. 

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    It’s been a nice week off, lots of local fun.  Highlights include a dinner party with my cousins who I don’t see as often anymore, a visit to NY aquarium, a trip to MoMA, a desperately needed haircut and color, and the kids would probably also add a shop at Costco (I have a membership but rarely go). 
     ExH is testing every last drop of my patience including bad mouthing me to the kids (and worse- it’s lies) so I’m trying to push for post separation or co-parenting counseling of some kind. 
  • Vibes would be great this morning.  Kids, DH and I are fine but last night his dad was admitted to the hospital.  Earlier in the week he wasn't feeling well and was diagnosed with strep throat.  He started antibiotics yesterday and shortly thereafter his cognition was altered, BP was elevated, his digestion is poor and he was febrile.  MIL called DH to go over last night and once he relayed the symptoms they were off to the ER.  Temp was officially over 104 and now he's admitted to cardiology.    DH opted to work from home so he won't have to deal with the extra pita of the drive and parking especially since work is past the hospital where FIL is.

    He's anxious and MIL is going to dump on him so that's going to weigh on him.   I'm hoping there are answers soon after 1st shift doctors start to review blood work and see what's up

  • it was a short week here, but somehow it felt longer?

    Twice this week I've had to stay much later than normal because I'm shadowing certain things for when I move to a different section. Truly not looking forward to that.

    After today/tomorrow, it's suppose to warm up and I am HERE FOR THAT!!
    I took advantage of the mild weather this morning to take out recycling.

    I have to start late/work late one day a week with new position, and I opted for Thursdays. So good news is I'll have no issues with trash/recycling those days lol 

    Anyways, this weekend is overall meh.
    BK is going to my mum's tonight because I have a 9am dentist appt.
    I'll be basically done most of the day - nitro makes my brain like static, even when it wears off.

    Sunday we're seeing Frozen on stage - BK is thrilled for that, and she's wearing her Frozen disney ears I got for xmas {because of disney on ice} but since she's never been, I'm also putting her headphones in my purse.
    Maybe it's age, maybe it's other issues but BK can have some sound sensory issues - we've found the headphones work :) 
  • @banana468, sending all the good vibes to your family and FIL!  I hope the hospital is able to get his stats in better shape and he starts recovering.

    Speaking of Costco @ei34, I am headed there when I get off work as well as Home Depot.  They are fairly close to each other.  They are also closer to my work than to my house, so my H is meeting me at work and we are leaving from here.

    That Costco is the first one built in Louisiana and it does a very brisk business.  Successful enough they have built at least two more in other parts of the state.  And I hope Sam's Club is eating their hearts out!!!!  There used to be a Sam's Club in NOLA proper.  But it was destroyed in Katrina and they never rebuilt it.  I've always had hard feelings about that.  Between that and Costco treating their employees better, I am a diehard member now.

    For the rest of the weekend, I need to get back on going through my clothes and getting them reorganized.  I recently got rid of three go-to skirts for work and need to find at least some replacement skirts/pants.  I'm pretty sure I already have some of that, but I don't know where much is until I finish this gargantuan task.  It's been so much larger and more time consuming than I expected.
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  • OMG, @banana468.  ((hugs)) and vibes for y'all.  


    I'm also on the 'run to Costco after work' plan tonight.  We are desperately low on TP and dish detergent. 

    *big sigh* My highest tenure person, who I have known since I started with my company, is resigning for another opportunity.  It sounds amazing, but I am sad AF.  Also, there was a pipeline of fuckery late yesterday and this is beyond stressful to have this happen at this moment.  Also, I fucking hate politics and people who are bitter about their own trajectory and choose to chuck people under the bus rather than working on themselves.  TfuckingGIF. 

    But I am seeing this as an opportunity, because I am bringing a new person on Monday.  I may be able to bypass the hiring process and hire my #2 choice from the last round and fast track their start date since they are already in my director's reporting structure.  Plus, I may have another opening later this month.  So bringing in 3 new people would be a good shakeup for my team.  I have an awesome team because of the amount of tenure we have, but I also see some areas where we could improve and new people could help drive that change.  

    In MUCH better news, the 24/25 season was announced for our Broadway series. We're getting Six, Beetlejuice, Moulin Rouge, Elf, and Wicked is returning.  After taking a few years off, I bought season tix along with my sisters.  I'm so friggin' excited.  I was hoping for Six last year, but it's actually much better timing that it's coming this season. 

    We have zero plans this weekend.  DH is trying to convince me to get some pre-spring cleaning done.  It is stuff I've been bitching about (cleaning out closets, cabinets, and general purging), so we should probably do it.  I just need to get through today and relax tonight and I'll be ready to tackle it tomorrow.  Today, I just want to complain about it.  LMAO 

  • All the prayers for your FIL @banana468. I hope your DH can handle dealing with all the things.

    Heading to Chicago Sunday to see the boys. The weather suppose to be good. GS2 is learning to ride a two wheeler without training wheels so I see some of that in my future. Their whole family has been fighting stomach bug. GS2 has been the last one to have it but it has lingered. Hopefully he'll be better by the time I get there.
  • @banana468 Thinking of your FIL.  And hoping that your DH can get through the day, but I'm sure he is very distracted with everything.

    I'm off today, and I am very happy to not be at work.  I think they are starting to settle down with the idea that I will be gone in two weeks.  I'm starting to "wean" people off me as best I can.  My boss tried that yesterday as well, basically saying that he is going to have me back off in meetings and the big project that just launched.  And then at the end of the day he basically cried for help and I had to take over again.  It's going to be a hard transition period for them when I'm gone.  They will manage!

    Productive morning so far on my day off, cleaning and doing a bunch of things I haven't had the energy to do at night.  It will be a busy weekend though - family reunion, DnD, and book club.  

  • Sorry to hear about FIL @banana468 - thinking of you guys!

    Couple more things to finish for work then going for a walk, tidying a bit, and then need to actually decide what i'm wearing to this gala tomorrow night. Looking forward to a night out with H! Have to take G to a bday party on Sunday afternoon - I went with the small Minecraft Lego set. 
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    So sorry to hear @banana468, vibes sent your way
     i feel the exact same way @MissKittyDanger, short week but was it? I’d love to see Frozen on ice.  Anyone got some kids I can rent so I don’t look like the weirdo going to Frozen on Ice sans kid? Or if anyone sits next to me, as I’m shoving cotton candy in my mouth I’ll explain “I had tickets for my kid. She’s grounded now.  Wouldn’t pick up her leggos. So I told her I was going to go without her and damned if I don’t!”
    sometimes I feel like I have to say “got kids.  They’re at home” when I pick up a kids meal in the drive thru that’s really for me.  But a happy meal is the perfect size! Those 4 fries in the barbie fry container.  Who can resist?

    ugh.  I had a lash appointment today, and 1. She took 1 hour and 40 minutes when the last girl took an hour on me! Wasn’t expecting that.  But 2. I told her I wanted natural but volume (of course)…. But I look like a mockery of those people that go FULL volume and look like caterpillars are on their eyes.  I’m glad I have a few washes before Monday because I think it just needs a few to fall out to not look like a furry animal is resting on my lashes.  

  • Thinking of you @banana468

    I also have strep. I woke up sick yesterday and just got worse. But I had a test and antibiotics by 10am today. Hopefully we caught it before it gets too bad. I’m masking around the kids because even though I probably got it from M I do t need anyone else getting in. 
  • Oh nooo @charlotte989875! I hope you get plenty of rest this weekend. 
  • Hugs @banana468. Thinking of your family and sending healing thoughts. 

    @charlotte989875 I hope you recover quickly! 

  • So sorry to hear @banana468, vibes sent your way
     i feel the exact same way @MissKittyDanger, short week but was it? I’d love to see Frozen on ice.  Anyone got some kids I can rent so I don’t look like the weirdo going to Frozen on Ice sans kid?
    Disney is for everyone!
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