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Leap Day Prudie Day

How’s everyone? I’m exhausted but at least thankful for it being late in the week.  Swim meet after school and just looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend.

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  • I slept so hard on Monday after my cluster allergy shots that I've been off on the days all week.  This morning I realized I was supposed to be going out of town to see a show tonight.  I'm just going up to see the show tonight and then drive back tomorrow.  My aunts wanted me to stay the weekend, but I need a somewhat quiet weekend at home too.

    Just to pass some info along, my allergist had me add Pepcid to my allergy medication and it is doing wonders for all of my itching.  There's something about the 2 together that help that.  My ear isn't waking me up at night anymore, whih is such a relief.

    I've got to get back on track with my food and exercise now.

  • Prepping grocery list for pick up tomorrow.

    Post-xmas-plague pants are fitting a bit tighter than before, so i gotta get handling that.
    It's my own fault obviously - took advantage of some weight loss.

    Anyways I'm trying to see my dr because although I was cleared in January, I think somewhere in my belly button is infected. I've been doing all I can to clean it etc and it doesn't hurt, but I feel I'm on last legs of options.

    I've been cleaning it with warm water and soap, using hydrogen peroxide inside, and I tried using qtip for polysporin.

    Anyone have other suggestions before I see dr? {tbh I don't think it's antibotic level needs}
  • So glad you're getting relief from the itching @VarunaTT!! Glad you have a quiet weekend @ei34

    My sis recommended a podcast that i started this morning that i'm liking - I'm super behind so you guys probably all know it well, lol - but "Sounds like a Cult" is really interesting so far!  We have a plumber coming out to look at our primary bathroom this morning, so hopefully we can get moving on re-doing it. The boys have been asking for a family "sleepover" so we are going out to dinner after school tomorrow and then having a movie party and sleeping in sleeping bags in the family room. They are so excited. Going to the zoo on Saturday and then Ninja class, out for breakfast, and boys haircuts on Sunday! 

    All day workshop at work today, hopefully it's useful :) 
  • @Casadena I am obsessed with cult documentaries, so I'll look into this podcast!  I have no idea why, I think it's because I'm partially worried about falling into one, partially fascinated by how seemingly smart people fall into one, have been accused of started a cult of personality before, and maybe someday I DO want to start one.  :D
  • Good morning!  I slept so well last night.  YAY!

    SSDD.  I love that it's been sunny more often than not recently.  It is definitely a mood booster. 

    Looking over Prudie.  Posting shortly. :) 
  • I had a rough day yesterday that has spread into today.  I was battling keeping my blood sugar up all day and into the night.

    Over the course of the day, I drank 600 calories worth of juice which was 136g of carbs! Then wasted another 90 calories and 22g of carbs on a little box of raisins.  I usually don't eat more than 30-50g of carbs in a day and none of those are sugar carb grams.  So this was over 3x my norm.

    I ate a light dinner to keep my calories for the day down.  But for me, it's not just calories, it's carbs.  Despite all that juice, I was still able to keep my calories at 1450 for the day.  I was also so proud of myself that I rode my stationary bike for 40 minutes last night.  But still ended up gaining 1.7 pounds since yesterday morning because of the stupid carbs.

    I know it sounds like it's just one day and it's no big deal.  But my weight loss has massively slowed down over the last 2.5 months despite all the effort I'm putting in.  But this week was a rare week where I had been making progress again.  Except yesterday wiped out all my progress and then some.  I feel like I lost all the wind out of my sails.

    But it doesn't end there.  My blood sugar was pretty low all night, which caused me to sleep through my alarm this morning and I was 90 minutes late to work.  Between yesterday and being super late for work, I'm feeling so discombobulated.

    One new step I am taking is reducing the amount of basal (long-acting insulin) I take.  I've been thinking about it for awhile because I've been running lower than usual for the last couple weeks.  Yesterday was the final straw.  I take one shot each morning for my basal, so it's already reduced for today and I'm going to see how it goes.

    I also thought today was my half-day Friday, lol.  It wasn't until I was walking out the door that I realized, "S**t!  It's Thursday!  (grumble, grumble).  I have to work all day plus late to make up my time.  Dang it."

    With all that said, as the day as worn on some I am starting to feel better and a little more like myself again.
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  • I'm sorry @short+sassy.  I know my dad gets all effed up if his blood sugar levels are out of whack and it can take a couple days to feel normal again.  I hope you can maintain today and get good rest tonight.  
  • @levioosa - happy birthday!

    Chiquita just feels bad today so she stayed home.  Her gut is off and she has a horrible sore throat to DH was able to come home early and take her for a rapid strep.    Her BMs are off and it's scaring her and I hate that something that should be normal is painful and anxiety producing for her.  She doesn't deserve it and we've had a lot of hugs. 

    Work has been a shit show. 

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    @levioosa Happy almost birthday!

    So glad tomorrow is Friday.  I want to run some errands.  I'm thinking of cutting my hair before starting my new job, just for a change.

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