Wedding Woes

Step 1: Turn off 'read' receipts (a function that should DIAF).

Dear Prudence,

I have an extremely bad habit I’ve been trying to resolve: I’m terrible at texting people back. I leave friends on read, and if more than four or five days have passed, I can’t seem to convince my brain to go back to it. Too much time has passed in my mind and I’m embarrassed. This has been a problem for me for a while, but I can’t stop thinking about a guy I ghosted at the start of 2023. We had been friends for a few years, and in his last conversation, he implied wanting to be a bit more, and then I ghosted him for a year! I feel awful, and this is behavior I keep repeating. It’s cost me friendships in the past, but I just can’t seem to stop this mental block. Are there any tricks to retraining my mind to stop abandoning conversations? And what can I say to properly apologize to the people I’ve done this to?

—A Ghost

Re: Step 1: Turn off 'read' receipts (a function that should DIAF).

  • This is an anxiety thing. You worry about a thing and make it so much bigger in your head than it really is and then it just becomes insurmountable. You have to retrain your brain. I'd be willing to bet that texting is not the only thing LW is doing this with. 
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