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How’s everyone? Annoyingly busy day today but thankful at least that the week is winding down. 

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    The stuff i've been working on is something that should take 2 days tops and it's been almost 2 straight weeks of back and forth. I'm behind on another small project (someone can easily pick it up, i just wanted to it) and i'm supposed to be out most of the next couple weeks. So work is busy but annoying atm. 

    My dad is coming over tomorrow, i'm excited to see him! I don't get a lot of time with either of my parents alone so it's always nice to grab lunch or something when we can. 

    We're going to Milwaukee on Monday for a little local vacation! The boys have never stayed in a hotel, so we're doing 2 nights and making sure we hit a childrens' museum, science museum, and zoo plus lots of time for swimming. We are all excited, but I really hope hotel sleeping goes well! Fingers crossed. 

    We also decided on Disneyworld FL for G's Make a Wish thing. Going either late fall or early spring next year hopefully!
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    @Casadena, I loved staying in hotels when I was a little kid!  Especially because they usually had a pool.  I'm sure you all will have a great time.  Hopefully they will be so tired out from their busy days they will fall right asleep.  Yay Disneyworld!  Weather-wise, those are great times of year to go to FL.  Plus FL's high season is actually the winter.  So snowbirds and their grandkids are less likely to be there, lol.

    I had even more worked dumped on me yesterday, but at least I was WFH which overall feels more relaxing.  I also hopped onto a VR exercise app I have, later that night.  I did three routines, which ended up being 44 minutes.  I am pretty proud of that.

    Still slogging through that work today, but it's nice to have something to focus on so not all bad.
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    I just paid to have my old bed hauled away.  It was more than I wanted to pay, but if I figure how valuable my time is, I would've spent more of my time and muscles taking care of it than I spent getting it finished in 1/2 an hour and no physical energy.

    I am....IDK, sad, tired, and I think I feel defeated.  Elyse Meyers, an online creator, just pulled her entire platform b/c of people pushing her and then attacking her because she refused to comment or make material about the Gaza genocide.  I really loved her and she was helpful to me in recognizing OCD patterns in myself.  She also just had a baby and that baby is having a huge surgery (IIRC, it's a heart surgery).  I have so many thoughts and feels, and none of them are good.  So Imma push that away as well.

    Otherwise, SSDD.  I'm excited for the weekend now, b/c I'll build my makeup vanity and get that set up and finally have some storage space for things that are just sitting on counters.  I love my apartment, but storage space at all is difficult.
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    @VarunaTT I also love Elyse Meyers - i'm so sorry you dont' have access to the resource for yourself anymore. Hopefully she will come back at some point. 

    Also, sending all the good vibes. 
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    Ugh!  I just had a nightmare land on my lap.  Two people and an entity's fault and not mine, but I have to deal with it anyway.

    Here goes.  The previous tenant for one of my rentals moved out Jan 2023.  Over a year ago.  But apparently she never turned the water bill off.  We don't usually turn the water bill on in our name between tenants because we don't need water for a vacant house and the idiotic NOLA Sewerage and Water Board (SWB) charges about $65/month for an account, even if no water is used.

    My current tenant moved in late March 2023.  We don't provide any utilities.  She was required to turn the water and electricity bills on her name.  But apparently she never did.

    One of the things I HATE and is SO STUPID about the SWB is they will let water bills run up for 1-2 years, before threatening to cut it off.  It's been a constant problem with my rentals.  Because I've sometimes had people move out rather than pay their water bill that's in the thousands.  And that is probably going to happen again.  As if we don't already have a full plate with other things and will unexpectedly have to find another tenant.

    I don't know where the prior tenant has been all this time for whatever water bills they were getting for this unit.  But she calls me today upset that she's accrued $2500 in bills for a place she hasn't lived in for over a year.  She has NOW closed her account and the water is going to be shut off tomorrow unless the new tenant opens an account AND pays 25% of that bill plus sets up a payment plan.

    The current tenant is on Section 8.  I can tell you right now she probably doesn't have 25% of that bill and I don't know how much of an extra payment she can make.  Which will be on top of now having to pay her monthly water bills.

    Plus, because we aren't monsters, my H is going to call the SWB...which has really long hold times and will be at least an hour of his try and get our previous tenant off the hook for the water bill after Jan. 2023.  We're the only ones with (hopefully) the power to do that because we have the current tenant's lease that shows when she moved in.

    Angry at the previous tenant for not shutting their account off, because the new tenant would have had to turned an account on to get water if that had been done.

    Angry at the current tenant that she was irresponsible and didn't turn the water on.  It's definitely going to suck the most for her.  But that's the bed she made for I guess thinking the water fairy was visiting her every month.

    Angry at the SWB for letting people skate so long on their bills.  What do they THINK happens?  That someone who hasn't been paying their $100-$200 bill every month is suddenly going to have $2500 lying around?  They have to threaten shutting off the utility much sooner because otherwise, people just keep digging themselves a bigger hole, until their water is suddenly shut off one day.  And then many people don't have the means to turn it back on.
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