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Keep saying 'no'.

Dear Prudence,

My brother is your typical basement dwelling neckbeard. He has mental and emotional problems that prevent him from actually interacting with polite society and has our mother to do everything for him except wipe his ass. He is addicted to weed and video games. He has never lived alone, but our mother’s health is failing. Our father wants to sell the house and move into a smaller place—and be rid of my brother.

I left home as soon as I was able and rarely visited. My brother would creep on me and my friends as a teen. Well, I have been looking for another housemate since my last one moved. I own my own home, but it is in an expensive area. Both of my parents are putting pressure on me to take in my brother and have even offered to pay me. All my objections get ignored, and I am tired of being badgered by them. My mother’s birthday is coming up, and I don’t really want to fly out to have the same broken conversation with them.

—Broken Record

Re: Keep saying 'no'.

  • Oh hell no.

    Their problem is not YOUR problem and don't let them make it so.
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    Wow. Keep strong on the no’s LW. Absolutely positively not. 
  • They need to tell their parents this is an absolute "no" and then refuse to discuss it any further.

    They've never taught their son how to fly out of the nest.  They created this mess, so they have to fix it.  They can't pawn the problem off on their other child.

    With that said, it's easy to assume this guy is just lazy.  But the LW also mentions mental problems.  Is he seeing a therapist?  Are the problems severe enough to rise to a disability level?  Because they sound like they are.  That could open up more support for them.  Including programs that help adults transition to living on their own.
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  • Nope, P’s can pay a stranger at roommates com for their son if they want to unload him somewhere. 

  • Oh hell no. This is another one of those situations where I can't believe LW has been so nice. I would have outright told them to drop it by now. 

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