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Day after Hump Day

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I’m tired and my eyes hurt.  I got enough sleep I think?  It was a late night with a friend for dinner and drinks last night. Today, I worked on my nephew’s Easter gifts at work.  I bought matching stay puft marshmallow man cups and put their names on them. I have to seal them tonight. They used to love Ghostbusters and with the new movie out, I hope it sparks their interest again. If you see me printing labels for their goodie bags, mind your own business :) We did get the go ahead to leave 2 hours early to start the long weekend and I totally need those two hours to pack and prep. 

Happy Easter everyone!

Re: Day after Hump Day

  • Where is everybody, lol?  I'm off today because it was only a half day anyway and I had morning lab work to get done.

    After that was done, I took advantage of being in the suburbs.  I grocery shopped at Aldi's.  I realize they are old hat in most places, but they are fairly new to area and there is only one so it's exciting to go, lol.  I'm always finding cool new things there and impressed with the prices.  They had $2 low carb bread and $9/pound salmon.  Yes!  I should really make it more of a monthly thing.  

    I stopped at Arby's...also only in the suburbs, lol...for lunch on the way home.  I got their new brown sugar bacon sandwich on a Kings Hawaiian bun.  Delicious!  Even better than I thought it would be.  A little bit sweet, but not too much.

    I'm going to make egg salad either later today or tomorrow.  I'm hoping to use my 4-day weekend productively.  Get some work-outs in and lots of organizing/purging done.
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  • Work today. I am cutting it close with re-certifying for my license so I'm working on that during any spare moment today. I'm totally good with one part but then the other I'm still missing certification units (or rather, I got lazy and now I can't find them) so I have to retake some. Which is totally only my fault. I miss being really organized. I think the past couple of years stuff has just gotten so out of control that more has slipped through the cracks than I realized. Like being organized with my certifications. Lesson learned for my next renewal. 

    Otherwise SSDD. Poor H is in a funk. I know he's feeling a certain type of way about not working right now but he knows he's also not ready to go back to work. He's feeling bad about not being able to contribute. He's doing plenty of stuff around the house, it's not like he just sits and plays games on his computer all day, but I think he's feeling more down about himself than either of us realized he would feel. 

    I am stressing a little about our cruise. We had to cancel the old trip and re-book a new one because my family decided to have my grandmother's memorial service on a different date than they originally said and it disrupted all of our plans. We canceled and rebooked on Tuesday. Yesterday it was still showing the old cruise on the app and the new cruise said "no booking found" even though I have a confirmation email and they've charged the cruise on my CC. Today the old cruise is off of the app, but the new one still says "booking not found." I'm hoping it's just an internal delay, but I'm stressing out about it and I'm wondering how long I should wait before calling. The no-chill part of me wants to call immediately. The other part of me is trying to say calm down and call tomorrow if it's still saying booking not found because that will be a full 48 hours after the changes. Ugh. Narcissistic grandmother strikes again from beyond the grave. lol.  

  • I'm very lucky.  I've really had a lot of support rally around me in the last few weeks, with a lot of friends hyping me up, and it's been good for my soul.  I'm still not quite back to baseline, but I'm getting there.  

    It's a good friend's birthday tonight, so we're all going out to dinner afterwards.  I'm sure we'll end up at our local hangout.  I'll get to see my little crush/eye candy, drink my NA beer, and then peace out.  Hopefully it's not all too late.  I love said friend; I'm also very aware of our differences in life, and I will not be partying all night long on a Thursday night.

    Otherwise, I'm very ready for this weekend.  I need to do a really good clean on my apartment and get some things organized.  Plus i have some projects that i abandoned that I'd like to get back to.  My mom is hosting an Easter lunch wiht me, and one of my good friends that helps her out a lot.
  • Exhausted today! We spent 3 hours in the ER last night, getting home at 1:30. H tripped on a step leaving the theater and fell. After getting home, he had a lot of blood in his urine (sorry if TMI). He had a scan and everything looked ok except he has some large cysts on his kidneys. Apparently cysts aren't unusual in people over 50. His blood work was fine. So the PA said that maybe the fall caused the cysts to cause some bleeding. Anyway he will follow up with a urologist just make sure everything is ok.

    Needless to say I slept until almost 7 this morning. I got up, had an Italian lesson then remade all the beds and cleaned the bathrooms that were used while everyone was here. I'm ready for a nap now. H is doing fine but is feeling sore from the fall. 

    Tonight is Maundy Thursday service at church. Not sure we are going depending on H. No big plans for tomorrow or this weekend other than church. 
  • I'm sorry to hear about H's fall @ILoveBeachMusic. Good vibes for a quick recovery! I'm glad you're following up with urology. 

  • That’s amazing! @charlotte989875 Congratulations!!!

  • We had a mostly super fun time with the boys in Milwaukee earlier this week. We started with Rainforest Cafe, then did a children's museum, hotel check-in/exploration, ordered dinner in, then they fell asleep early and H and got to watch the IA women eek past West Virginia (on mute of course). Science museum Tuesday morning, lunch at the hotel, swimming all afternoon, showers, dinner out, then G spiked a fever and we packed up ASAP and booked it to downtown CHI.

    G and I spent about 5 hours in the ER while H went home with N, put him to bed and drove back to us while his mom stayed with N. G has 2 cold viruses, but nothing treatable - coughing like crazy and generally feeling yucky. Finally got him in bed around 2:30am. He was still up about 7:30 and did not nap yesterday. I don't understand! Seems to be feeling ok today. My parents were already planning to come in today/tomorrow to babysit since the boys are off all week. 

    Back at work today for a super duper short 2 day week. I'm exhausted bc G was up coughing most of last night and asked for me so much i ended up sleeping on his floor most of the night. I CANNOT WAIT for him to get his port out in a couple weeks - then we can just treat fevers/cold symptoms at home like a regular kiddo!

    We're going to go back to MKE in a couple weeks to "finish" our vacation. Boys were both bummed we didn't get to sleep there another night!
  • still catching up on everything from the last few days but @ILoveBeachMusic
    i'm so sorry to hear about your H, hopefully he feels better asap

    @charlotte989875 congratulations on the marathon!! I'm so impressed - that sounds like my worst nightmare, lol. 
  • @charlotte989875 Congrats on the NYM lottery! I'm so excited to hear all about it. 
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