Wedding Woes

Finally Friday!

This week has been LONG. M went back to school today after pink eye. J had a doctors appointment and is still small. I’m tired but still so jazzed about getting into the NYCM!! 

Re: Finally Friday!

  • Ugh, I'm just feeling insecure at work.  Then, I found a "mistake".  I'm putting it in quotes b/c I took the word of a 3rd party person, who is now throwing me under the bus.  I also didn't get it in writing.  I freaking knew better than to listen to this person, but my assumption was I was dealing with an expert.  Bossman said, No, they're all idiots.  I just fell like I'm on the edge of being fired, but I really have no proof of any issues.

    I'm listening to Beyonce's new album, Cowboy Carter.  It's an excellently crafted and solid album, but it's not really a country album.  Genres are all over the place.  So far there's no real solid belter, which is okay.  Her voice does feel somewhat underutilized though.  I'd say stripped down, but that's not true of the music backing at all.  I like Beyonce, but not to a "buy" level and that remains unchanged.

    Nothing big this weekend, thank goodness.  Just regular household chores and Easter dinner w/my mom.
  • My parents are here babysitting so i'm in the office on a Friday for the first in forever. I'm one of maybe 5 people i've seen in the whole building. 

    I did see an internal job posting that i'm super interested in, so i'm taking a little time this afternoon to update my resume so I can apply. I need to give my manager a heads up (the system will flag it for any internal applications) so need to let him know to expect that. We'll see if it goes anywhere!

    I'm tired and want to knock out a few more work things, then run a few errands and get home early!
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    I'm catching up on laundry today. I worked out with my trainer this morning since I stayed home with H yesterday. He is feeling better but still sore. We are still waiting to hear from the urology office to schedule that appointment.

    Happy Easter to the knotties that celebrate.
  • So excited for the weekend! I've been feeling like things are just spinning out with no organization or control for a while now. Tomorrow I have absolutely no plans, so I'm going to spend the day doing a little spring cleaning and a lot of organizing my brain. I need to make some career plans, finish planning a trip and get on top of my calendar. 

    Not much else going on here. Book club tonight and we have a game Sunday. We're not really doing anything for easter this year and that's fine by me.
  • That’s an excellent way of phrasing her new album @VarunaTT.  I’m glad it was free on amazon music so I could test it.  Probably wont buy it though.  

  • levioosalevioosa member
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    I have mixed feelings about Beyone’s new album. I also felt it was a little all over the place, not in a bad way, I just don’t know if I would quantify the album as purely country. We could get into soul and the influence on country and rock which is a direction I think the album nods to heavily, but for me it wasn’t “country.” As always her voice is amazing and I particularly enjoyed the song Daughter. 

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    @levioosa I don't think it's pure country at all, but the layered musicality is completely unhinged.  I'm not sure any album has ever been made like it.  Babatunde did a bit about her opera references and I was floored, b/c I didn't hear it.  I haven't had time to go back and relisten.  It's still not a "buy" for me, but I can definitely give her mad props and credit.
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