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Tired Monday

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It was glorious having 4 days off!  Lots of relaxing and sleeping in.  I was good about re-starting my exercise routine and even got on my stationary bike shortly after waking up on Friday and Saturday.  I got some organizing and purging done.  Not as much as I would ahve hoped, but not too shabby.

I found out the most active house selling week for the US, as well as specifically the zip my personal house is in, is around April 13th- April 20th.  My H and I looked over our "to-do" list that is left, with trying to put our house up for sale that week as our goal.  There isn't much left on the DIY repair list.  But a fly in our ointment is we also need some professional work done.  We already have some quotes.  But wanted to buddle more work at a couple other properties into it.  My H is investigating that more today and tomorrow so we can hopefully pull the trigger.  Especially the work for our own house to hopefully have the house ready to list on April 13th.  Though really we would want it a good week or so before then to have the listing pics ready.
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Re: Tired Monday

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    Yesterday was fun! We have been skipping church for the last *cough* *cough* 3 years..... But went to SIL's with H's whole family and it was a really nice day. They boys had fun playing with their cousins and I had fun drinking wine and chatting. Baby cousin (7mos) spiked a fever during his afternoon nap and ended up testing positive for COVID last night. So now we're being hyper vigilant about any symptoms all week. 

    Have a meeting with my work bestie in a little bit to chat about that open position I want to apply for. She isn't going for it, but has more experience applying for and moving to different departments, plus she's been a hiring manager recently and used to have my current job, so i'm excited to talk to her about the process and see what insight she may have. 

    Playing kid-activity-signup-Tetris right now juggling multiple session dates and trying to get them into the few classes they wanted! G is doing golf and then swim lessons, and N is doing gymnastics and then swim lessons if all goes well!

  • H is feeling better but not quite 100%. Weekend was really low key. I went to church alone (H wasn't feeling up to it). The music was wonderful. That was our Easter. We have been watching The New Look on AppleTV+. We have two more episodes to go including the last one which will be released this Wednesday. Heard from all three kids yesterday. I sure missed seeing the grandsons have their Easter Egg Hunt but I do have to share them with SIL's parents.

    Today was spin class and a little laundry. H is on a Zoom call now. I'm making a new dish for dinner. DD made it when I was up there a few weeks ago. It is a sheet pan Brussel sprouts, burrata and Italian sausage dish, mushrroom - delish. I hope H likes it as much as I did!
  • Weekend was good! J and I slept most all of Saturday at my BFFs house while H and M went fishing. She has twin almost 6 year olds and they LOVED baby J. We did an Easter egg hunt then just hung out all day and watched women’s basketball. We played together in high school so it was really fun. 

    We made it to brunch at MILs only 45 minutes late. J and M did good even though they were tired. FIL did a huge hunt for the kids and they loved it. All over a good day! 
  • @VarunaTT, my friend neighbor who works out of town a lot came home early and we hung out on Saturday night.  She is 49 and we started bitching about perimenopause, lol.  It was nice to have somebody else to talk to.  The struggle is real!

    Congrats getting your mocktail cart and vanity set up!

    @Casadena, good luck with the open internal position!  Hopefully your work bestie can give you some great advice.  I'm glad G is feeling better, but what a bummer to have to cut your all's trip short.  Crossing my fingers for you all that COVID doesn't visit.

    @charlotte989875, congrats getting into the NYC marathon!  Someone on my T1 diabetes subreddit just ran the Rome marathon a few weeks ago.  The finish line had the Coliseum in the background.  It was pretty neat!

    @ILOVEBeachMusic, I saw your post about your H falling.  So awful!  I'm glad he's feeling better and hope he continues to have a smooth recovery.
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  • I completely forgot it was April Fools Day until now. Did anyone have any pranks played on them? The people i know are weak.  Weak.  Nada.

    but THIS is funny, and I gotta file it away for next year

  • I LOVE that vanity @VarunaTT!!
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    @CharmedPam I saw a meme with that idea and underneath it the caption said, This is how workplace violence starts.  

  • VarunaTT said:
    @CharmedPam I saw a meme with that idea and underneath it the caption said, This is how workplace violence starts.  

    In our office, yes.  You don’t mess with our donuts 

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