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How's everyone?  I'm exhausted bc one of the kids was up sick all night, I have two huge work things so I had to come in but my mom bless her is with DD.  (It's her allergies out of control, she sleeps better when she's in my bed but then I can't sleep...nothing contagious, I wouldn't expose my mom to something she could catch.)  Offensively busy weekend and a packed Monday and Tuesday so at this point I'm just looking forward to next Wednesday.

Wishing everyone relaxing / fun moments this weekend, whichever it is you need more (hopefully both! :) 

Re: Fri-yay

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    I'm winding down on the week and preparing to be out for two days.  Tomorrow we hit the road for a LONG drive to BIL and SIL's house so I hope we can be productive.  

    DH found out that the trip to see the eclipse is a full on church group event that BIL organized which is not bad but it's not exactly what we were thinking we were doing.  We're still going in with optimistic ideas that we'll all have a great time and the kids are super pumped to see their cousins. 

    My HOPE is that we get in tomorrow in time for dinner and the 2nd final four game.  Go Huskies!! 
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    Last night, when I was getting ready for bed, i twisted my index finger something fierce (Hi aging ailments).  This morning at 6, I was at walmart for some finger splints and other things I needed.  Instant relief after that was put on.  Also - do your walmart shopping at 6 am, not 6 pm if a calming experience is what you’re in for.
    Tonight is dinner and comdey, tomorrow is jam packed with so many appointments that I’m looking forward to a Sunday off.  The new meetup group I kinda got into had some drama going on last week when one member called another out.  There was a zoom call letting her know that behavior is not tolerated and one more time and she’d be out.  But a day later she left the group on her own.  I probably would too, wondering what the others thought of me.  The sad part was she was SUPER friendly with me and we bonded over true crime stories.  Rats! I liked her.  But I only met her 2 or 3 times so reaching out would be weird.

    Sorry DD couldn’t sleep @ei34, hopefully the next few days go smoothly for you
    @banana468 may that car ride not feel as long as it is! Lol

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    Thanks @CharmedPam!  We're used to it so I just need to hope that
    -No one gets car sick (Chiquita did once on this trip and puked for the 10 hour ride.) 
    -We don't get stuck in traffic.
    -We get out the door in a timely manner.  

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    Oh and I have to laugh - we asked our landscapers to do a spring/fall clean up.  DH took the day off to sleep in and get stuff going for the trip.  They were at the house before 8 AM.  

    I love them and they do a great job so I'm not angry - but do feel bad for DH. 

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    It’s snowing again. Please universe let this be the last one. J is sick and was coughing last night. Trying to figure out if I call the doctor or wait and see. 

    Buffalo is in the path of totality so H’s cousins are bringing their kids up for the weekend and for the eclipse. Will be great to see them all! 
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    I'm tired AF because our good friends came to dinner last night and we carried on wayyyy too late.   My afternoon is clear, so I may take off early and try to take a nap. 

    DH and I have to go to Costco tonight.  Our TP situation is almost critical, LOL.  Plus we need other stuff.  

    BIL/SIL/nephews are coming this weekend for the eclipse and BIL being a Purdue grad, we'll be watching the game tomorrow.  

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    VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    Work is making me paranoid AF.  I'm just trying to breathe through it.  I once again got wrapped up in something where I tried to stay out, someone was like, Varuna knows the answer (I do), when I gave the answer they didn't like it, but...that's the damn answer.  

    You know, the thing about working out your inner demons is that it just never ends!!  You're like, Hey, hi demon, I recognize you and I don't want to mess about.  Which is great.  But they're still lingering.  I might need to take a break from mental health work for a bit and just veg.

    I'm seeing Late Night with the Devil tonight, so if there's screaming from MO, COME RESCUE ME!!!!  Not really, but I'm so terrible at horror movies and i"m going by myself.  Then the rebooted first Star Trek tomorrow, which I'm excited to see on the big screen again.  I might try and fit in Monkey Man on Sunday.  Otherwise, just SSDD.
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    So glad the weekend is almost here! I'm looking forward to a busy but hopefully somehow relaxing one. We're going to see the US Women's soccer team tomorrow. I've been a fan forever, but they almost never play here, so it should be really good. Then we'll probably pick up wings and watch sports on the couch for the rest of the night. Sunday is brunch with my oldest friend crew. One just moved, so she's hosting us at the new place.

    Other than that, hopefully getting some yardwork and cleaning done. It's cooler here, but the grass is already growing wild and the trees are dropping tons of crap. 
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    DS2 is coming home this afternoon to go to a Pacer's game with H. I'm having Thai food and watching movies while they are gone. Tomorrow is agility class and not much else. I had an early derm appointment this morning but didn't sleep well last night so I took a nap this afternoon. Feel much better now.

    Hope your DD feels better, @ei34 and that you get a good night's sleep tonight.
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    We'll be watching Iowa vs UConn tonight and I'll have to stay up past my bedtime lol. 

    Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be good so planning on doing some yard clean up, putting out the rain gauge and maybe putting down some additional wood chips.  I ordered a rain barrel and need to make a plan with my brother to adapt the downspout in that corner.  Nothing planned on Sunday but some chores and meal planning.  I have plenty of ingredients but nothing to eat, time to organize and see what I need from the grocery to make the ingredients into meals.

    The cat has settled in and is now pretty feisty.  Discovered she can launch herself onto the window screen.  We're training her not to do that but she sometimes forgets lol.  Our screens are on the inside of our crank out windows so it's always going to be a temptation.

    We have tickets to see John Crist next Friday night.  Looks like there are a ton of tickets left so hoping it's a good crowd. 
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    ei34ei34 member
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    @banana468 thanks, we’re fine. But yes felt it hard and a 6pm after shock even harder bc we were in the house and not a cement-based school building. It’s been over a decade since the last earthquake, they’re not common here so always strange. Hope you’re all okay!
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